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Is it worth buying a P&T instead of a compact buggy?

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berri Wed 12-Aug-09 13:25:34

We are sick of our big clunky Britax Visio.

We were going to get a compact buggy (hadn't decided which one yet) but then DH said perhaps we should just get a P&T so we don't end up buying yet another one when we have another baby.

Thing is, this isn't for about another 2 years if things go to plan!

I can see his point but I was really wanting a lightweight, easy fold buggy that will fit in the car boot and still leave a bit of space!

Any thoughts? Are P&Ts light and easy to fold away?

MrsBadger Wed 12-Aug-09 13:57:08

well they are light to push and they do fold quite easily - and DH does have a point re no.2

but they are heavy to lift and big when folded. What car have you? I found buying an estate solved all my problems grin

put it this way, if the Britax is too big and clunky, the P&T ain't gonna feel any smaller...

berri Wed 12-Aug-09 14:01:24

Yes I thought the same.....they're not small are they.

Is the Maclaren XT the lightweight buggy of choice?

MrsBadger Wed 12-Aug-09 14:11:14

how old is dc?

if >12mo something even lighter like the Quest or the Triumph might fit the bill

personally we have a three-wheeler (not a P&T though) and although we considered buying a Triumph as well, we still use the 3wheeler for everything. If it's only a walk around town then there's no issue about getting it in and out the car anyway, and if we're going somewhere in the car for a day out I'd take the big comfy one for her to sleep in anyway.

One thing we rarely do is take it on public transport though - I can see how a Triumph (which you can fold and sling on your shoulder) would be fab on buses etc.

bran Wed 12-Aug-09 14:34:53

What age do you think your current DC will be when you have the next one? You may find it more convenient to use a buggy board instead of a double buggy. A lot of my friends found that once the baby was sitting up they didn't get as much use out of their P&Ts because neither child wanted to sit in the underneath bit.

I've never liked Maclarens, but lots of people do. I used to have a Volo which was super-light and easy to carry but horrible to push. I love my current Baby Jogger City Mini which is fab for flinging in the back of the car as it's a quick fold and quite light.

SydneyB Wed 12-Aug-09 14:43:59

I hate to this but personally I think you might well need both eventually. Depends on age gap but we have a 20 mth gap and have a knackered old inglesina with buggy board on for trips with 10 mth old and 2.8 yr old, a volo for quick trips with one of 'em and a P&T for whole days out with both of them. Can't believe I am saying this but most of my friends with same age gap also seem to have 3... Thing is that buggy board on a volo is incensing as it is just too heavy. DD still needs an afternoon nap and that's why we need P&T if we are out all day. Why not get lightweight one for now and see what you need when DC2 comes along?

berri Wed 12-Aug-09 14:54:34

All good points.

Current DS is 8 months so wants to sit up in the buggy.

A lot of people seem to recommend the Baby Jogger - are these supposed to be better than Maclarens for easy-folding and weight?

Do your DCs just fall asleep easily sitting upright? At the mo I can recline the seat if he's looking sleepy.

bran Wed 12-Aug-09 15:09:31

The Baby Jogger folds differently to the Maclarens, it's not umbrella fold so it doesn't fold down quite as small. It is super-quick to fold though and I find that if I load it in the boot with the handle facing up and out then it pops open again as I lift it out. On this link click "watch it in action" to see it fold.

I think whether you like Maclarens is personal preference. I really dislike not having a single handle and I found that Macs weren't good over rough ground. The City Mini is a bit taller and has a better handle for me, and while not being a proper off-roader it's good enough for the local, very muddy, city farm. It reclines almost flat, but I find that DD doesn't sleep much when out and about anyway.

berri Wed 12-Aug-09 15:32:37

Thanks for that link bran, I like the way it folds - looks easy!

I'm hoping our DS will be about 3ish by the time number 2 comes along, so perhaps a buggy board will be the best option. Thinking ahead a bit too far I think!

I looked at a Volo the other day and it seemed v light and easy to push around compared with our current one - I couldn't seem to hang my nappy bag anywhere on it though which I thought was a bit odd!!

Argh it's such a minefield isn't it....

bran Wed 12-Aug-09 16:07:15

You couldn't use a Volo for an 8 mo IMO. I had one for DS and I didn't use it until he was about 18 mo because the seat wasn't comfortable for a very small child. If you do go for a Maclaren I would recommend one that reclines over the Volo.

If you like to hang things on the handle then Maclarens are only stable so long as the child is in the seat. The Baby Jogger is much more stable, I have a set of these hooks to take carrier bags, and long-handled things like a nappy bag I just hang over the buggy handle.

SydneyB Wed 12-Aug-09 17:26:01

Agree. The Volo is only good for short trips to corner shop or something and DS is only just in it and is 10 mths. Good to have in boot of car though in case toddler refuses to walk etc but not good as main buggy.

berri Wed 12-Aug-09 17:28:44

Can you only buy the BJCM online? I can't buy a buggy without looking at it!!

I can't even see how much it is!

5inthebed Wed 12-Aug-09 17:31:23

Berri, John Lewis had BJCM's in. I'd definitey get one over a Maclaren if you are ooking for an easy and compact pram to fold.

bran Wed 12-Aug-09 17:32:39

Do you have a John Lewis nearby? They have them in there. Mothercare have them on their website, but I'm not sure whether they have them instore or not.

berri Wed 12-Aug-09 18:03:04

Thanks all, will go to John Lewis tomorrow, hope I like it!

5inthebed Wed 12-Aug-09 18:33:47

Don't let the plastic handle put you off. It was one of the things I didn't like at first, but once you push it a few times, you realise it's actually a very good handle.

nicolamumof3 Thu 13-Aug-09 19:37:07

i am a HUGe maclaren fan would recommend them every time.

i wouldn't personally get a p&t if dc is 8m now and you think you would have a 2/3yr age gap you may well get a different buggy, but i'd cross that bridge when you get to it . many 2yr olds love buggyboards but some won't use them so wait and see. i have 18m old gap between ds2 and 3 and have had alot of pushchairs!!

Maclaren quest i would recommend to you as alightweight alternative.

nappyaddict Fri 21-Aug-09 02:47:46

Can I ask why you don't like your Visio apart from being clumsy. My friend was looking at buying one. Are they heavy to push or difficult to steer?

I would get a buggy. It's still going to get a lot of use in the next 2 years and when you do have another child it's handy to have 2 singles aswell as a double.

Look at the

Britax Nexus

M&P Pulse

M&P Nipi

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