Do I need a 3-part travel system?

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ExPatTenerife Thu 13-May-21 21:37:54

9 weeks pregnant with my first and I’ve not much idea about anything!
I thought buying a 3 part travel system was a given, but now I’m not so sure!
I’ve read about how the baby shouldn’t be in the car seat for more than 30 minutes. Does that mean if I drive somewhere for lunch or something, I should take the baby out of the car seat and into the carry cot? So then I would need just a carry cot & chair and then have a separate permanent car seat?
We do a lot of 10-20 min journeys but don’t usually go any further. Also, I live in Tenerife and it’s pretty hot, so I wouldn’t want to use the car seat for too long.
What did you choose?
Hope I’m making sense! 🤦🏼‍♀️

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2weekstogo Thu 13-May-21 21:44:33

This thread might be able to help you

Travel system recommendations

BertieBotts Thu 13-May-21 21:53:19

No, you don't need one, but it is the kind most people get.

You can't really use the car seat for long periods - it's too scrunched up for them, they are designed to be used in the car really. We did stick ours on the buggy for nipping into a shop etc, but it doesn't replace a proper seat. Once they get to 4 weeks old the 30 minute time limit extends to 2 hours so does encompass longer outings, but still you wouldn't want it to be the only seat you use on the pram. They do tend to be made of polystyrene and foam as well for the shock absorption so they can get really hot in there. A fixed one can make more sense if you don't see yourself using the car seat on the pram or carrying it around much. The portability is the main upside of the carry type ones.

Carrycot is lovely if you want somewhere for them to be able to roll around totally flat and unrestrained, but the most important thing is that you have somewhere flat for them to lie for the first few months. If your actual pushchair seat lies properly flat ie with a hinge on the seat, then this is also fine. The problem with a lot of pushchair seats these days is that they are moulded/bucket seats which just tilt to recline. That's fine for older children but less so for newborns.

A carrycot with a mesh section is really nice for hotter countries. The ones where they are strapped in can get a bit sweaty whereas one which is literally a bed on wheels you can move them around in it, have a breathable mattress for it etc.

ExPatTenerife Thu 13-May-21 21:53:29

2weeks - Thanks! I missed that one.

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Skigal86 Sat 15-May-21 08:05:11

If you think you might stay away from home in baby’s first few months it’s worth looking for a carrycot that is rated for overnight sleeping, because not all of them are,and they’re so much cosier and take up less room than a travel cot! we also used ours for our daughter to sleep in when we were downstairs (she had a bedside crib upstairs)

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