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looloo247 Sat 08-May-21 11:04:47

I'm having a last minute panic - am due second child any day now so we have just put pushchair and car seat in car. I am now majorly panicking about how I will fit anything else in the car! Between the Pushchair (Nuna Mixx) and 2 car seats I have nowhere to fit anything apart from the front seat, which is fine until someone else is in the car with me.

So am trying to decide whether I need to invest in a more compact pushchair - would still need to be suitable from newborn and fairly sturdy as my toddler is very outdoorsy. Any recommendations?

Otherwise - how do people manage? I drive a Seat Leon so not a massive car but equally not tiny, the pushchair just fills the entire boot when folded!

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mobear Fri 14-May-21 16:15:59

I have a Toyota Yaris and only one DC, but - even taking the wheels off (I have to, I have no choice) - my Stokke Xplory takes up the whole boot. Now lockdown is easing it's becoming more and more of a pain, so I've bought a Joolz Aer to leave in the car after reading good reviews. DC is 6 months now so I don't need a bassinet but I believe there is a bassinet available. I've also read very good things about BabyZen Yoyo2, but as DC is on the larger side and the Joolz Aer is wider and also available at Boots (points!) I went with the Joolz Aer.

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