Mamas&Papas Ocarro v Strada

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MrsWidgerysLodger Thu 06-May-21 10:40:27

@MrsMcNtobe You can indeed. It folds with the pushchair attachment regardless of which way you have it facing. We found the length to be really good too as DD was really long and skinny and even when she was older she had plenty of room.

MrsMcNtobe Thu 06-May-21 10:12:14

@MrsWidgerysLodger thank you! I really think that’s what we’re going to go for. Can you fold the Ocarro down with the pushchair bit still attached? I remember reading that about one of them and it sounded really handy x

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MrsWidgerysLodger Thu 06-May-21 10:03:21

Can't comment on the Strada but we had the Occarro and absolutely loved it. Sturdy as hell, folds up easily and we did some real miles in it as I didn't drive when DD was first born.

MrsMcNtobe Thu 06-May-21 09:44:10

Hi! I’m really torn between the two of these, haven’t had a chance to see them in the shop yet but just looking for some reviews.
They seem similar only the Strada is much cheaper plus the carrycot for the Strada seems to fold flat when not being used (bonus when we have little space) other than that I’m struggling to see the difference. Any advice welcome!

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