Icandy Peach from single to twin

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Justmoveonin Sun 18-Apr-21 17:08:00

I would appreciate any help as I’m going around in circles

I have an icandy Peach I bought in 2018 when my son was born. I’m now expecting twins later this year and trying to change it over to a twin pram but it seems so complicated

I gather I need the converter adapters and one set of lower car seat adapters to put the two car seats onto the frame. That’s fine

I relied a lot on the carrycot with my son as we walk the dog a lot. I assumed that one main carrycot and then one lower carrycot would be all I’d need, but now I look into it more I don’t think the main carrycot will fit with the lower and I apparently need an upper carrycot which has slightly diffeeent dimensions to both main and lower?!?!?! And try as I might I can’t find upper carrycots on sale anywhere, but the icandy website is selling ‘twin carrycots’ but not saying which one they are?

And I also have the main seat unit and I think I’m safe to say I’ll just need the lower seat (easy enough to find on eBay)

Is this all right? I’m struggling to find everything I need and had no idea it would be as hard to piece together as it is proving to be.

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