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Stokke Xplory vs UPPAbaby vista London

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Linny88 Sat 17-Aug-19 17:35:20

Just wondering if anybody has used either prams in London? We are tall parents, live in London, but have a dog so the pram needs to tackle some off roading. I’m envisaging using a sling for tougher terrains and am likely to buy a smaller buggy once the baby is older to tackle the tube/transport/holidays. I really like the Stokke and how it can be used as a high chair in cafes etc but am unsure of how it will tackle uneven surfaces??? The vista seems to tick all the boxes but is a bit wider so I’m not sure how I will manage it on the bus?

Any advice would be great!!!

Caspianberg Mon 19-Aug-19 10:06:54

I wouldn't say either of those are particularly off road suitable as the wheels are way too small.
Generally offroad beyond the local flat grass would need something with 10/12 inch plus wheels. Such as mountain buggy, baby jogger, nipper, or similar

For town and terrain, many seem to suggest either the Mountain buggy mini or baby jogger gt. Both have larger wheels (not huge but larger), will tackle general off road as long as it isn't hardcore mountains, and fold small enough for tubes, car boot and buses. Both brands do larger or smaller models also, but they would be worth looking at for a general everything option

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