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Anothertempusername Wed 14-Aug-19 23:01:25

Hi all

Can you recommend me a stroller that fully reclines, is as small as poss when collapsed, light but with a decent sized basket, for around £75-100?

Or, am I better off going for a more expensive option (second hand)?

I love the babyzen yo-yo but is out of budget.


etotheb Thu 15-Aug-19 00:41:16

Egg quail !

I have it, it reclines fully, compact and folds.

Buy it second hand. I bought it when dd was 12 months she now 16 months and honestly wish I got it when she was 6 months! I had a cheapie and it just doesn't compare.

Applejack5 Fri 16-Aug-19 19:55:59

We bought a Joie Pact to take on holiday, it was about £90 new. It's great, still using it. It's light and smooth to push, big basket, reclines flat, decent sized hood, and you can even adjust the handlebar. It folds really small too.

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