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EmilyPeach Wed 14-Aug-19 14:44:41

I'm expecting twins, any advice on the best most lightweight double prams where the babies are side by side? I live in london and need to be able to navigate the tube and buses. Any advice welcome! thankssmile

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Kingtiger101 Wed 14-Aug-19 14:47:22

I think the mountain buggy duet. I have it for a toddler and baby. It’s popular in London. It’s a side by side but very narrow. Fits through standard doorways.

Kingtiger101 Wed 14-Aug-19 14:47:48

And congratulations!

Courtney555 Wed 14-Aug-19 14:54:20

Same boat. There's basically the mountain buggy, which (sorry poster above) is cheap and ugly looking, or, the bugaboo donkey, which looks marginally better and is beyond a rip off in price. We've been everywhere looking for side by side prams, there's nothing for twins. Plenty for "two children" of different ages so to speak, but for two newborns, nothing, they want you to stack one on top of the other. I guess it's narrower that way, but I don't like the idea of one being tucked away.

EmilyPeach Wed 14-Aug-19 16:52:55

Thanks so much everyone smilethe mountain buggy was ticking some boxes for me but was living in hope there are more out there. Not a lot of plush narrow options out there for twins I tried the Donkey but it's soooo heavy and that was just trying to push it round a shop!! Maybe I'll go with the mountain buggy but add some home comforts for the new Borns.

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Kingtiger101 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:16:56

I got the duet after it was recommended by a parent of twins (who lives in London) if that helps! It is great although admittedly not a fancy looking pram! But it’s relatively light, folds easily, is narrow, biggish basket, can handle rough terrain if needed. It’s practical basically which I think will probably be all you care about once you have twins!

TakeMe2Insanity Fri 16-Aug-19 22:04:23

Have a look at the baby monster easy twin. Friends picked one up in spain and say it is great.

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