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Baby Jogger Doubles

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StrangerTings Fri 05-Jul-19 14:08:30

I have a 2 and a 1 year old and I'm looking at changing my buggy from a flimsy double umbrella which I'm hating.

I really like the look of the baby jogger city select because it means I can also use it as a single with a buggy board for my eldest (late walker and very clumsy, not able to walk for very long). I also like the fact it has an extendable handle which will make it easier for using the buggy board (dh and I are tall).

Only problem is - and I KNOW no double pushchairs are perfect! - I've been reading a couple of things about it and people say it is very very heavy to push especially as the kids get older. Obviously at 1 and 2 they are heavy to push anyway. I saw someone using one in Tesco's once (before this even became an option) with a buggy board attached and I wish I'd known then I was going to think about one then because I would have stopped and asked her what it was like. I don't think I've seen one since.

Other than that I'm thinking a baby jogger city mini double, but I hate having a side by side because of getting by on pavements and round shops and getting in doors. But I must agree they are easier to push.

Please someone give me some advice! I'm really stuck on what to do

Caspianberg Sat 06-Jul-19 06:30:32

Have you considered the mountain buggy duet? It is only 63cm so fits though average doorways light a single. The baby jogger select is apparently 65cm wide, so wider than the side by side.
You can change one seat to a storage basket if not needed by eldest, and can add a board scooter thing to the back also.

Blubluboo Wed 10-Jul-19 21:43:38

I haven't personally got one but I know 3 people with one who say it is very heavy and hard to get on and off pavements. Sorry not overly helpful!

hubbletelescope Thu 22-Aug-19 22:25:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hubbletelescope Thu 22-Aug-19 22:27:32

Sorry. I mean to start a new thread.

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