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Silver Cross Avia/ lightweight pushchairs?

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RoseReally Mon 18-Feb-19 10:56:06

Just wondering if anyone has this pushchair and if so, would you recommend it? I have a 2.5 year old and number 2 arriving in the summer. I will be flying a fair amount so ideally would like something that is light, easy to fold, less that £200 and could go up to at least 20kg so I can use for my eldest for another while if needed.

I have had a look and the Silver Cross Avia seems to tick lots of boxes, so interested to hear how others have got on with it I'm also considering the Cosatto Woosh, main downside is it doesn't have the bar across which I think DD likes.

Piewife Tue 19-Feb-19 21:34:11

I was considering both of these and went for the Woosh in the end, mainly because it's easier to find on offer somewhere and the patterns are so nice! Also the basket is a lot more accessible and you can put a big changing bag in there out of the way.

I love it, the features are great. DS is comfy in there and naps well in it too. My older child (4) has also been in it briefly when on a long day out and said it was comfy!

It's worth a go without the bumper bar. Having said that, DS would like one too and I've ordered one to put on it, hoping it will fit ok! It might affect the fold though. He's happy enough without it but it's nice to have.

RoseReally Wed 20-Feb-19 18:00:49

Thanks for the response! Mothercare has the Avia at £150 at the moment so going to go there at the weekend I think and check them both out. My daughter loves the all of the patterns on the Woosh, I have to say I'm slightly less keen on such bright prints - but I guess it doesn't really matter.

I didn't realise you could get a bumper bar separately, good to know, thank you. The other thing the Woosh has over the Avia is that the handles are a bit higher (DH is tall!), and it goes to 25kg (Avia is 20kg). Ruled out Chicco miinimo as it only goes to 15kg.

I'd also like to have a look at the Cybex Eezy S but seems you can only get it online. It looks nice and compact!

Anyway thanks again for your help, hopefully it will be easier to make a decision once we've actually checked them out!

Piewife Thu 21-Feb-19 12:22:45

I went for the Fjord Woosh as it's a bit more understated than the others!

I like the look of the Eezy S but the lack of calf rest put me off! Not so much of a deal for toddlers but I think it's nice for babies to be able to put their feet up.

INeedNewShoes Thu 21-Feb-19 12:26:09

I bought the Avia and disliked the fold mechanism so much that within 5 minutes of unpacking it I had it on eBay to sell. Otherwise it seems a fab pushchair I just didn't like the fiddly fold.

I went for a GB QBit+ (the + is important if you want full recline) which is very very similar to the Avia but with a fabulous easy one hand, non fiddly, fold.

RoseReally Thu 21-Feb-19 18:23:00

Thanks very much both. I had an inkling that the fold mechanism on the Avia may not be that amazing, I watched a YouTube review where someone folded it saying "it's a one-handed fold" but he had used both hands!

I will have a look at the QBit+ too, thank yoi for the recommendation. It only goes up to 17kg but my DD is fairly light anyway so i suppose it would do her until she's 3.5 or so.

Ah decisions.. I think fold and compact-ness have tk be top priorities, I hate messing around at airports etc!

RoseReally Fri 22-Feb-19 08:11:56

I've had a good look at the GB QBIT+, and I think I have a new frontrunner! The fold looks amazing and I really would like something easy to push with one hand. One downside is that it's a bit heavier than the others I was looking at. I'm still going to check out the Woosh and the Avia but the added benefit that we can attach the carseat is a real plus.

@Ineednewshoes how have you found it to carry when it's folded? Also do you know whether you could attach a buggy board? I assume not!

INeedNewShoes Fri 22-Feb-19 09:43:55

I never carry it far but can easily carry it one handed and the fold is flatter than some (it tucks nicely down the side of furniture when folded which is useful in small cafes etc.)

Yes, it's definitely heavier than its competitors but there are benefits to that too on uneven ground etc.

Shop cleverly... I managed to find it with about 35% off.

RoseReally Fri 22-Feb-19 10:51:46

@INeedNewShoes thank you! I think the only time I'd carry it would be down the steps to get to the plane at the airport (no lift unfortunately hmm). I'm scouring the internet trying to find the best deal!

INeedNewShoes Fri 22-Feb-19 11:52:01

Just in case you haven't realised the qbit doesn't fit within the size limits for cabin luggage.

RoseReally Fri 22-Feb-19 12:12:48

Thanks yes that's no problem, I usually jist leave the buggy at the bottom of stairs before getting on the plane. I figured the ones that do fit might be too flimsy, I do want it for general use as well as something handy for flying.

Piewife Fri 22-Feb-19 20:33:03

We also have a maclaren globetrotter, which is great for travelling. It's very light and sturdy and has a really good extending hood. Also a carry strap. We took it on holiday when DD was 2 and it was great. It goes up to 25kg too. It reclines, but not enough for a very young baby.

RoseReally Sun 24-Mar-19 14:12:47

Just wanted to update this post as I find it annoying when you search for something and don't necessarily find the outcome.

I checked out the Silver Cross Avia and Cosatto Woosh in Mothercare. Ruled the Avia out pretty much immediately, as Piewife said earlier the fold isn't the easiest and I just generally found it a bit fiddly.

Loved the Woosh. Very light and easy to push. Folds very easily, found it slightly harder to unfold but I'm sure it would be fine once you have the knack of it.

Ordered the QBIT+ online and also really liked it. Spent a long time humming ang hawing about whether to keep the QBIT+ or return it and get the Woosh. There wasn't much in it and it was going to be fairly expensive to return so we decided to keep the QBIT+.

The QBIT+ is a bit heavier than the Woosh but folds and unfolds very easily. It's very narrow so fits easily through doorways. It's super easy to push one handed - delighted now to be able to push and talk on the phone so easily! It just feels very sleek and very well made. Have just done my first solo airplane journey with it and it was great. Was able to push it and pull a suitcase at the same time, no problems.

Absolutely delighted with it, so thanks very much @PieWife. Would also very much rate the Woosh for lightweight/ travelling.

JoshMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Mar-19 16:07:14

If anyone does want a closer look at the Whoosh - the reviews team made it our buggy of the year and we gave it a closer look:

lizzy1841 Sat 06-Apr-19 15:06:48

I have a mamaspapaspliko3 aluminium washed fabrics and now having problem replacing them no holes for shoulder straps to fit to frame how do they fit any help please old model pegperego

NotMyUsualTopBilling Sat 06-Apr-19 15:14:55

@lizzy1841 - we had an M&P Pliko which I think is the same/similar to the Peg Perego.

They have a freedom harness so the shoulder straps don't attach at the top it should be sewn in at the bottom instead.

We loved it as DS was safe but able to move around a bit more and lean forward rather than being restricted with a 5 point harness.

lizzy1841 Sat 06-Apr-19 15:26:34

thank you for your help this one has two screws to fix harness through sides but there are two metalbarfittings at sides with a grey switch the switch seems to lock the bars if they are up but cant really see the purpose what they are for

NotMyUsualTopBilling Sat 06-Apr-19 15:39:46

Ah ok, it's been about 9 years since we had ours so I'm not 100% sure but I think they're for attaching a car seat?

lizzy1841 Sat 06-Apr-19 23:15:20

thank you so much that makes sense of it

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