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Mutsy travel systems - i2 and Nio

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detachablehoof Thu 29-Nov-18 12:06:47

Anyone got either of these travel systems? I'm pretty much settled on buying a Mutsy (not seen any other travel system which looks anywhere near as good!) but not sure which to go for. Seems to be a lack of proper photos of them around - would love to see a pic of your Mutsy if you have one!

Seems like the Nio is smaller (and cheaper) but the i2 is more streamlined looking.

Also would like to know where you bought it from (Kiddies Kingdom online seems to be one of the only stockists) and if you have had any problems with it since?

katykins44 Mon 31-Dec-18 21:19:50

Hi detachablehoof, just wondering if you got a Mutsy? If so, what did think? I'm planning to go pram shopping property later in Jan and found a showroom near me that stocks them.

Some of the Reds Baby prams look similar, but as far as I know they're only available to order from Australia and I'm reluctant to order something I've not seen.

detachablehoof Thu 03-Jan-19 01:08:22

@katykins44 I have ordered my Nio, it should be here soon 😁

WhatALearningCurve Wed 09-Jan-19 19:55:42

Just found this thread! Aware you guys are now probably sorted but just thought I'd add that I've got an I2 in case anyone else is researching at a later date coz there's so little info about them!!

katykins44 Wed 09-Jan-19 20:28:47

@WhatALearningCurve - no I still haven't got a pram :-S

Would love to hear what you both think of the mutsy prams - do you find them heavy at all? I'm a bit of a weakling! Any positives/negatives?

WhatALearningCurve Wed 09-Jan-19 20:33:07

@katykins44 so I'm not actually due till March but from the practicing I've done (such a loser) I love it. It's really light but not flimsy. The put up and put down is really simple as well and I love the fact that once's he's in the normal pram rather than the carry cot it all collapses down in one piece, you don't have to take it apart like most prams.

detachablehoof Thu 10-Jan-19 22:01:58

My pram still hasn't come!! I bought it online from Kiddies Kingdom and when I chased it up they were really slow to come back to me, and are now saying it should be here next week. I think they had forgotten to order it angry They also said that they can't get the matching footmuff as the colour I've ordered has been discontinued. Had a real hunt to find another shop with it in stock. I had to order the car seat adapters from another shop too. Hopefully it all turns up before the baby does, and I like it!

I agree there is so little info about Mutsy available, I couldn't even find any real photos (just staged / CGI pictures on their website) of the prams. Such a shame as they are (IMO) the nicest looking prams on the market by far.

detachablehoof Tue 22-Jan-19 17:26:45

UGH - Kiddies Kingdom have now told me that they can't get hold of the Nio in the colour I wanted. To say I'm furious that it's taken them over a month to get this far would be an understatement! (avoid them at all costs - terrible rude / dishonest service)

My baby is due any day so I'm not sure what to do - there seems to be places that have the i2 in stock so perhaps I'll get that after all?

katykins44 Tue 22-Jan-19 18:10:38

@detachablehoof Oh no! I think this shop in London has stock, but not sure what colours they have/how long delivery would take :-S

WhatALearningCurve Tue 22-Jan-19 18:22:54

I ordered mine from here - might be worth giving them a call? It's quite a small shop but the people who run it are lovely and mine came ridiculously quickly?

detachablehoof Tue 22-Jan-19 20:11:47

Thanks both - will contact both of those shops.

Lucyg3586 Tue 22-Oct-19 10:03:16


Sorry to jump on a pretty old thread but trying to find info or reviews on Mutsy in the UK, is near on impossible.

I am expecting and I attended the Baby show at Olympia over the weekend. I’ll be honest, I found the number of prams on offer a little overwhelming and came away more confused than when I started.

I did find myself gravitating towards to the Mutsy i2. It seemed to tick all my boxes - Light weight, easy to fold and put up, also looks lovely. As good as the salesman and his demo was - I do like hearing from other people that have actually had one.

Did you guys get yours? If so, how did you get on with it? Any regrets?

Thanks in advance 😊

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