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Help! So confused with what pram to buy - YoYo, Uppababy or Bugaboo

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rainbowsandfeathers88 Sun 07-Oct-18 17:50:36

We live in an upstairs flat so have a small hallway the width of a doorway in front on the stairs. We therefore need a pram that folds up small and is easy to fold. This would favour the Babyzen YoYo and Buggaboo Bee. However, I worry they aren't very sturdy and that the baby won't feel that secure on anything but a pavement. So I was thinking the Uppababy Cruise as it folds small but you have to lift the seat off - is that a total pain in the ass?

Please help!

JosellaPlayton Tue 09-Oct-18 02:37:36

Personally I think the seat coming off is a pain if you have to store the buggy in your small hallway and especially if you take public transport. We have the YoYo and often store it hanging up on the coat hooks to save space! It’s very smooth and comfortable, for pavement use it’s great and due to the newborn cocoon I felt like DD was really secure as she was strapped in, unlike our bigger pram (which I almost never use as the YoYo is just too easy) where she was bouncing around in the carrycot. The Bee is a great buggy too but the YoYo won out for me as it folds to cabin baggage dimensions and we fly a lot.

Noloudnoises Tue 09-Oct-18 04:19:29

I have a similar tiny ball. Bugaboo bee is fab but I'm hugely coveting the baby zen yo-yo. I dream of hanging it on a hook on the coat rack!

And don't get anything that you need to take apart you never will and will be a huge pain!

Noloudnoises Tue 09-Oct-18 04:19:47

Tiny *hall

HabbyHadno Tue 09-Oct-18 04:51:56

Try a Mamas & Papas Occaro. I love mine and it's really compact when folded with the seat attached. I've been through quite a few prams and this one is by far my fave.

Nonomore2 Tue 09-Oct-18 05:11:08

I love my YoYo. Three of my friends have bigger ‘sturdier’ buggies.. they have all bought 2nd hand yoyo’s and are now trying to sell the bigger ones as they just don’t use them anymore.
I love how narrow the YoYo is. I can nip into any shop and cafes etc. It is so nifty!

There is a nature park near my house which is very very bumpy. When I took my baby boy out at 3 weeks along it he seemed to be rattling a lot so I avoided that path until he got a bit bigger. That is the single only time that perhaps a bigger buggy might have fared Better. Otherwise it feels totally secure.
What is your lifestyle like? Are you in a city or lots of country walks?

Grumpasaurus Tue 09-Oct-18 05:13:40

I love my yo-yo; unless you are planning to do a lot of off roading, it's perfect

susurration Wed 10-Oct-18 11:04:20

The m&p Ocarro folds small and is good off-road.

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