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Double buggy for toddler and newborn

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TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 07-Jul-18 09:11:49

Is it worth it?

Would want it to geow with newborn

Have a pram for which an adapter kit can be bought but its expensive. I also think its all quite bulky.

Does anyone use a double set up? If so which ones and is it worth it? I uave a sling and a single pushchair for toddler but thats hardwprk sometimes especially in this heat.
I have a pram and a buggy board but toddler wont always sit mind you she wont always go in pram

But at the moment if we go out im taking pram and stroller. X

isitfridayyet1 Sat 07-Jul-18 09:19:25

Following I'm interested in opinions on this too!

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 07-Jul-18 09:38:02

Isitfridayyet1 i cant decide if its worth it p
Or not toddler wont always go in but the its wpuld be nice to have the option but then is it just mpre stuff but then may make life easier but would still like my single options so may just end up with prams out my ears

PalePinkSwan Sat 07-Jul-18 09:39:59

I found it really helpful - if we were in a hurry, or toddler was acting up, or needed a nap, then I could pop them both in the buggy and head off. You can pick up Phil and teds pretty cheap second hand.

badg3r Sat 07-Jul-18 09:46:52

We have a second hand Phil and Ted dot. It is amazing. The second seat detaches so it can be a single or double, you can also put a buggy board on, and it hold SO MUCH stuff especially when the second child isn't in it. And because it is only as wide as a single it fits on the bus easily.

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 07-Jul-18 09:49:44

The baby seat on that one is on if using as a single with just baby does baby go on top seat.

Im a bit prissy so not sure how i feel about 2n hand. Also would like somethu g for alm terrains too xx

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 07-Jul-18 09:59:13

Typing is horrific sorry

Waitingonasmiley42 Sat 07-Jul-18 10:02:17

I think it depends on the age of the toddler. We had 2 and a half year age gap and didn’t need double. If toddler was any younger I would probably have bought one.

badg3r Sat 07-Jul-18 10:04:41

The max load on the bottom seat is 15kg, our older one always goes underneath and the baby on top. It's good on lots of terrain, the only down side is the being a three wheeler you need to take herbs etc backwards. I was not keen on second hand at first but once the baby was eating real food everything was so messy that I didn't care anymore 🤣

badg3r Sat 07-Jul-18 10:06:34

Also there is an infant Moses basket type thing for when they are really young, I'm not sure how that would work with the seat underneath too. We always had the babies in the sling till around 4 months by which time they could go in the seat

Doublechocolatetiffin Sat 07-Jul-18 10:11:16

I have an uppababy vista which works well. We bought the adapters (which we got second hand) so we can use the bassinet on the bottom and toddler seat on top. It’s cost us £20 to turn it into a double buggy.

The vista is a brilliant pushchair, but it may not be that great on all terrains when set up like this. I’ve done days strolling round a field etc (at shows) but it’s difficult to get it up a step when loaded like this as it’s got a lot of weight on the front wheel. I wouldn’t think you could go running with it like this unless on tarmac.

GrumpyBagFace Sat 07-Jul-18 10:12:58

Depends on the age gap and the toddler.

We had a 16 month age gap and got a rumble seat for the uppababy. Toddler was/is a very good walker and barely used it but it was great to use if he was tired. I used a sling and the buggy without the rumble seat the most though... quite often with toddler in the sling and baby in the buggy. DD was a hot baby and hated the sling!

DD is now 16 months and doesn't walk far. If she'd had been the older sibling we would've definitely needed a double. I imagine if we have a third in a year we'd still need a double with this little lazy bones!!

DS is now 2years9months and if this would've been our age gap there's no way we'd need a buggy. He'll go for miles on his bike.

If that makes sense!

DieAntword Sat 07-Jul-18 10:14:22

My toddler is 2 but has been a confident walker for ages, I had my second when he was 18 months and we didn't get him a double buggy, just reins.

What has ended up happening though is when he gets tired and fussy he will sit either on the handlebar (me holding him securely, not too comfortable for me) or since his brother is better at sitting now, sitting on the edge of the buggy seat in front of his brother.

This "works" in the sense I didn't have to buy a double and saved money and he mostly walks unless I am in a rush (because in a rush it's a lot easier to push than cajole) but it doesn't work in the sense that it makes the buggy a pita to push and especially steer.

We did get a buggy board and he loved it but the handlebars on the buggy are low and it KILLED my back so I took it off, but if you have a nice tall pram/buggy that would probably walk great with a toddler and you wouldn't need a double.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 07-Jul-18 10:15:58

How old is the toddler?

DS was 2.5 when brother was born. We didn’t get a second seat (pushchair can transform into a tandem).

We either did baby on the wheels (car seat, carry cot etc) and toddler on his bike or buggy board or walking


Toddler in pushchair if tired and baby in baby carrier

The baby is 8 months old now and I’m sooooo glad we didn’t splash out on a double because I got so sick of the travel system/big pushchair around 6 months.

Now we have a stroller (folds down to be hand luggage so now I actually have some boot space!!). Eldest goes in it if tired and baby goes in carrier; but mostly it’s baby in stroller and eldest (now 3 so not really a toddler) walking.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 07-Jul-18 10:18:15

We also have an all-terrain which stays at home (rarely goes in car but can do), DS1 can sit on the foot bit of that if desperately tired on a walk. Looooove Out’n’Abouts!

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 07-Jul-18 10:29:29

Toddlee is 2.5 but not alwaus good at wslking or sitting on buggy biard wants carrying or to go in pram carry cot or in buggy because baby is.

The dilemas you described is exactly whst im having

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 07-Jul-18 10:42:27

The cost of converting our pram is about 300 quid. Its a joolz geo but dint like idea of carry cot being close to floor

eggncress Sat 07-Jul-18 10:51:36

i used a double buggy for my newborn and toddler. Can’t remember the brand but was quite cheap and did the job great.
It was just a basic double pushchair but could be reclined to the “lie flat “ position for baby and toddler could sit up on their side.
It was good for walking to the shops or just going for a walk but was almost impossible to manage / juggle if you wanted to get on a bus.I know modern buses are better for that though.

GrumpyBagFace Sat 07-Jul-18 10:54:09

I think the Joie double ones are good and reasonably priced if you're thinking a double would be good but not used too much.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 07-Jul-18 11:12:05

In my limited experience the difference between 2.5 and 3 is massive, so if you get a new pushchair you might only need it for a few months.

lemonnmeringuepie Thu 12-Jul-18 11:27:57

I've got a 1 year old and baby 2 due in Oct, and just bought a double stroller (cosatto to and fro duo) suitable from birth. Would have loved a gorgeous double pram but my toddler won't tolerate it for long and wouldn't be worth the money!

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