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Help me choose a pram

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MrsElla Wed 06-Jun-18 17:41:52

So far we have made a list if
Cybex Mios
Cybex Balios M
Jane Minnum
Icandy Rasberry
Joie Chrome DLX
We want something with a small footprint a fast fold with the seat unit on and it has to parent face and take a carrycot.
Any other ones ive missed ? We don't like the fold of the bugaboo and it seemed very wide at the front in the shop so that one it out

ellybo Thu 07-Jun-18 09:27:37

We like our Phil&teds Mod. The same seat works as a carrycot and parent facing and also as normal seat unit.

I loved icandy but the shopping basket could only handle 5kg and Mod double. Raspberry was also bigger folded so would've had an issue with our boot smile

cybex I'm not a fan of.

ForEverlong Thu 07-Jun-18 09:30:32

Love the raspberry. Have you considered the babyzen yo-yo?

Brendatheblender Thu 07-Jun-18 09:32:03

Mamas and Papas Armadillo?

Ours has a brilliant one handed fold function. I’ve had a few prams and pushchairs and this is by far the best

gingerbreadbiscuits Thu 07-Jun-18 09:32:58

Uppababy Cruz. Can stand up when folded.

MrsElla Thu 07-Jun-18 10:34:01

The babyzen yoyo doesn't parent face unfortunately. Why are Cybex not good ? They cost loads so we assumed it was a good brand. Will have a look at the phil and teds but i think the mamas and papas xt and is too big for our needs

ForEverlong Fri 08-Jun-18 04:26:06

The yo-yo parent faces until 6 months. Assume from your comment you are wanting longer.

ellybo Fri 08-Jun-18 10:41:00

@MrsElla it's a personal preference. i think it just depends on your needs. for us the fold wasn't convenient to do while holding a toddler in one hand. it had also too low max kg for seat and the lower basket and we would've had to buy the carrycot as well... so all of it would've added up.

MrsElla Fri 08-Jun-18 10:54:45

It has to have a fast one hand fold as i take the bus a lot so it would need folding down when we get on I've looked at the Babyjogger ones which have the fold im looking for but they are all too heavy and bulky to be practical for travelling anywhere

MumOfTwoMasterOfNone Fri 08-Jun-18 10:59:18

We have had baby joggers after our first Quinny Moodd which I hated.
The elites are great for us but don't parent face. The premier does however but I didn't know about it until it was too late. That would be my choice. The fold is amazing, the push is great. They do fold up quite big but you can easily take the wheels off to massively reduce this.

MumOfTwoMasterOfNone Fri 08-Jun-18 11:00:41

Argh just seen you don't like the baby joggers!

SickofPeterRabbit Fri 08-Jun-18 11:24:06

iCandy iCandy iCandy!!!!!! They are the sturdiest out there. Second would be Egg.

Them horrible Bugaboos feel like they're made of Meccano by a 4yr old....

SickofPeterRabbit Fri 08-Jun-18 11:26:56

Can I just say, Cybex Sirrano is the best second car seat in my personal opinion. After your little one has grown out of the carry one. My daughter started climbing out of harnesses at 15 months and the Sirrano is the solution! The impact cushion is SO SO sturdy and quick to put them in. Just has a seat belt clip on the side and clips into itself. Then attaches to car via isofix. Love it!

ForEverlong Fri 08-Jun-18 20:26:24

Does the new icandy raspberry have a one handed fold?! Our original one doesn’t (still love it though)

MrsElla Fri 08-Jun-18 20:58:06

I hate bugaboos too they are so ugly and impractical i pushed both models around mothercare and they felt to flimsy and rattly yet heavy and bulky at the same time hmm I think we're gonna go for the Cybex Balios M it seems to tick most of my boxes including parent facing and one hand fold for the buses and trains

MrsElla Sat 09-Jun-18 05:29:39

That phil and teds Mod looks a total nightmare to use shock can't imagine been stood in the rain holding a possibly screaming toddler with one hand and faffing about with wet muddy pram wheels and the seat unit before i can even fold the thing up hmm whoever designed that does not have kids. And its works out the same price as a Cybex Balios.
Sickofpeterrabbit thanks but we aren't using any car seats at all as we don't use a car only public transport wink

TroubledLichen Sat 09-Jun-18 14:54:47

Reconsider the YoYo if you take a lot of public transport. I can fold mine one handed whilst also holding a nappy bag and a 22lb 1 year old. Then you can fling it over your shoulder like a bag so no issue carrying it and baby. If you get to a train station where there are steps to exit and no one around to help carry I can also manage to carry the fully assembled pram with DD in it and shopping underneath myself as it’s so light.

The newborn nest is parent facing, the 6 month+ seat isn’t but I haven’t found having DD forward facing to be a problem in the slightest, in fact I think she quite likes it!

MrsElla Sun 10-Jun-18 08:06:23

We ordered the Cybex Balios M on special offer yesterday for £325 for everythinggrin will see how the parent facing goes once baby is here next week hopefully. Might just end up with a small world facing stroller eventually

KTD27 Sun 10-Jun-18 08:11:30

We had a cybex and loved it! Just saying - they’re great

MrsElla Sun 10-Jun-18 10:10:46

Its taken us 6 months to choose it so i hope so !! Can't wait to have a play around with it once the baby is here

BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy Sun 10-Jun-18 10:14:28

Shameless place mark

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