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Tandem prams??

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JessH1388 Sat 26-May-18 00:04:40

Hey everyone! I'm new here! Just wondering if anyone can help me out,
I have a 16 month old and I'm due my next baby in December! A few week after my 16 month old will turn 2!
I'm looking at getting a tandem pram, not a double as I rely on busses to get around so something a bit more compact and smaller, I have the wayfarer Chelsea at the moment by silver cross and I'm not impressed at all, it completely stops at the smallest bump, the suspension is rubbish! So something with decent suspension too! I didn't have a clue with prams with my first, I just went for the one that looked nice haha! So any help will be appreciated! Thank you gringrin

unintentionalthreadkiller Sat 26-May-18 00:06:57

I have twins. A double is much easier on public transport than a tandem. A doubles footprint is about the same as a wheelchair and much easier to manoeuvre than a tandem. I had a bugaboo donkey and then a baby jogger city mini and had no issues.

JessH1388 Sat 26-May-18 00:19:01

Thank you smile I like the bugaboo donkey, will it just go in to one pram as well though? If you get what I mean😂

sunshineonarainyday321 Sat 26-May-18 09:09:50

The bugaboo donkey won't fit on public transport and it's a nightmare around shops. I've randomly got chatting to a couple of people out and about with one, I had slight pram envy, but they told me it was pretty impractical being so wide.

We went for a mountain buggy duet, I'll admit it's not as nice to look at as the bugaboo but it's a fantastic pram. Our eldest was 18 months old when our second child arrived. The pram is a side by side double but is only as wide as a single. We only have one car which my husband takes to work so I often have to take the bus, it fits perfect on the wheelchair adapted ones, I was a bit worried 1st time I took it on I was convinced it wouldn't. It isn't the smallest or lightest if you do ever have to take it in a car but it's very robust.

JessH1388 Sat 26-May-18 09:27:02

Oooh thank you very much lovely! I'll have a look into one of them then! If I can't get on a bus with one I won't be able to get around and i already live In the middle of nowhere as it is 😂 so are tandems a big no no then? Nobody seems to like them x

sunshineonarainyday321 Sat 26-May-18 19:40:59

I've seen people get on the bus with a tandem, they do fit but they are very long and heavy. We went to a couple of pram shops to try out different ones before our second child arrived. I found even with a small nearly 18 month old in one of the seats (and no baby in the other) it was hard to push around and lift up the front.

Some people will probably say they're great but I struggled with the weight. I also don't like one child sat behind the other, it seems unfair whoever gets the seat sat behind the other. Mountain buggy also do a lightweight side by side double now called the nano, if it'd been out last year I'd have looked at that one too. God I sound like I work for mountain buggy grin, I don't haha!

JessH1388 Sat 26-May-18 21:17:11

Yeah I've always thought that actually! Would feel sorry for my little girl in the back! She likes to look around bless her! I will definitely be looking into these mountain buggies! Can you turn them into just one pram/pushchair if needed and can you have a car seat on them? Sorry for all the questions 😂 I just don't have a clue when it comes to prams and don't trust the shops as they said my pram I have now is great and it's really not!

Soubriquet Sat 26-May-18 21:19:37

An out n about double is fantastic and it does fit on a public bus too.

Personal experience with that

It's a lot narrower than it looks.

Mountain buggy is the same too

Soubriquet Sat 26-May-18 21:22:06

The out and about can't be made into a single but it's still one I rave about

I have a very dodgy back and it's so easy to push

I have the single version now and I can still push it easy with my 3 year old in the seat and my 5 year old on the hood

The newest mountain buggy turns into a single now I think. It's a cheaper version of the bugaboo donkey

BeansMrSeanandHeinz Sat 26-May-18 21:24:59

Hauck Duett, would recommend it to anyone, long and narrow - hardwearing, £250 new which is great value compared to others. Fits on buses, in car boots, through doors. Great after care.

JessH1388 Sat 26-May-18 22:17:23

So many decent ones it seems!! I need to go and try a few out I think! I was looking at the egg tandem but then only because of the looks! Can't make that mistake again 😂

sunshineonarainyday321 Sat 26-May-18 22:39:24

Mountain buggy can be turned into a single of a fashion, you can turn one of the seats into a shopping basket but the pram width can't be changed like the bugaboo. You can also buy maxi cosy car seat adapters too.

One thing that has annoyed me about the mountain buggy though is that it doesn't come with any accessories so you have to buy a rain hood, car seat adapters, cosy toes etc. It does add up. Still less than half the price of the bugaboo though!

You need to go into a shop and try a few prams out, I don't think you can really decide without trying them out.

distantstars Sat 26-May-18 22:53:03

I was recently in the US and saw, what I thought, an ingenious double pushchair. It was an UPPA BABY, you can get them on Amazon .

It has a normal buggy seat and another buggy seat kinda behind and above it. You can face each buggy in different directions. So toddler can be in the front facing forwards and baby can be at the back facing you. Thought it was very clever!

ellybo Mon 28-May-18 10:22:51

My friend has Dot and that fits great into busses and other transportation. Otherwise, I've heard good things about Duet as well. Always wanted to try Uppababy somewhere else than just the store.

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 01-Jun-18 12:58:12

I have the Uppababy tandem and it's fab. Neither of them are sat looking at the back of the others chair, loads of room for them both, it is heavy but I can still push it one handed.

However, it's not one I would get for using on public transport. I don't use public transport as we're either in the car or we walk and it's perfect for that, but I wouldn't take it on a bus or train.

Twinsonthewayeek Sun 17-Jun-18 15:22:18

Hi there,

Sounds like a lot of votes for mountain buggy. Does anyone have experience using it both on public transport and with a car (and car seats)?

We live in London and have twins on the way, so will need to get around on a combo of car seats and prams on public transport.

Also, any thoughts on the Baby Jogger city mini double?

Any advice appreciated!

JessH1388 Sun 17-Jun-18 22:39:44

I'm still torn between what to get 🙈 I've done that much googling and comparing! There's literally negative reviews on every single double I've looked at! It's stressed me out so I've given up for now! Only one I've found that I quite like is the bugaboo but apparently they're quite chunky for busses!

Sunshinegirl82 Mon 18-Jun-18 07:23:45

Have you looked at the iCandys? The peach or orange?

JessH1388 Mon 18-Jun-18 18:57:02

I love them and also the egg tandem but I've had people say they can be quite heavy and not great suspension!

Freetodowhatiwant Mon 18-Jun-18 18:59:44

The Mountain buggy is brilliant and narrow enough to get on any bus (I'm in London) and shop doorway. I had this after a Phil and Teds and also double Maclaren and the Mountain Buggy is the best hands down.

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