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Ideal stroller for a 2.5 year old please?

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Jones1981 Mon 23-Apr-18 15:42:27

Hello all!
I am brand new to mums net so sorry if this has been asked before but, does anyone have any recommendations for a pushchair to suit a 2.5 year old toddler? We currently have the uppababy vista which has been fab for dragging up Holland down Dale, as we like to go off piste quite often. The problem with this pram is it's massive and we'd like something that is lighter and folds smaller for our holiday. I quite like the Maclaren Techno xt and also the Baby Jogger mini gt (but sadly I think our son may be almost at the 15kg weight limit). Can anyone give any recommendations? Has anyone used the baby jogger regardless and ignored the silly 15kgs limit?
Thanks in advance!

P.s. if it helps my son is a small 2nd cantilever 2.5 year old, who only uses the pram for naps and help during longer walks - so not often really.


YerAuntFanny Mon 23-Apr-18 16:07:05

I could be wrong but I think the city mini weight limits were upped to 20kg rather than 15kg?

Jones1981 Mon 23-Apr-18 22:04:16

No the company said 15kgs for the seat, which I thought was odd as it's not very heavy at all and does not accommodate toddlers.

ColonelCakes Tue 24-Apr-18 19:44:16

The gt weight limit in America is 30kg, I think they’re the same buggy. My normal city mini copes fine with my 18kg toddler.

NapQueen Tue 24-Apr-18 19:45:25

Armadillo City. From mamas and papas.

Hobnobsarenotfordunking Tue 24-Apr-18 19:48:31

Ive got a city mini GT and find the hood is quite low for a tall toddler. I’ve also got an Oyster Zero which has a weight limit of 20kg and is so much lighter than the GT and pushes lovely.

iwasjustakid Tue 24-Apr-18 19:50:06

Cosatto do umbrella style prams. Quite costly for what they are (as I know other brands are cheaper) but they are very sturdy and come with really cool patterns! I spent £200 on mine including cosy toes and I love it! My DC is 2 in August but big!

iwasjustakid Tue 24-Apr-18 19:50:48

I'm also obsessed with prams and this was my best to date 😂

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