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McClaren Quest or Techno XT?

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Twiglett Tue 03-Aug-04 21:09:01

message withdrawn

mckenzie Tue 03-Aug-04 21:24:17

does it need to be buggy style? I love my 3 wheeler from Mothercare (I've currently got 5 pushchairs/buggies and only 1 child so consider myself a bit of an expert . You can push and direct it with one finger, really easy to turn, comfortable (or so DS tells me) and not expensive.

moominmama86 Tue 03-Aug-04 21:28:07

I love my XT. I was dithering between that and the Quest and went for the XT because it seemed a little bit sturdier, the seat can lie flatter than the Quest, I *think*, and just looked cooler It's so light and really easy to steer with one hand - brilliant after using heavy Mamas and Papas P3.

Ladykennedy Tue 03-Aug-04 22:01:19

maclaren xt does it everytimes for us do it £99 and deliver really fast.

Yorkiegirl Tue 03-Aug-04 22:04:31

Message withdrawn

Juliehafrancis Tue 03-Aug-04 22:06:40

Maclaren XT!

Gem13 Tue 03-Aug-04 22:45:35

Nothing like a good pushchair discussion...

Not keen on Maclarens either. Had the Quest which I sold on - DS didn't look comfortable if he fell asleep and it wasn't great to push on uneven streets - and a friend had the Techno which she didn't like either.

Depends on where you live and what you want it for though.

Personally, with £100 I'd go for a second hand Nipper...

GeorginaA Tue 03-Aug-04 22:48:31

Twiglett - we've just bought the XT and it's very nice! Lovely and light (easy to push one handed while holding the hand of older child while crossing a road - invaluable for me!)

Only quibbles are that the basket isn't very accessible when the seat is down flat, and adjusting the seat height seems a bit flimsy... otherwise it is ACE. Best pushchair I've owned (and I think I'm on number 7 now.... )

Bought ours from the Glasgow Pram Centre btw, and can recommend them highly.

GeorginaA Tue 03-Aug-04 22:49:32

PS... I have an old Graco Citisport and the older model at least doesn't fold down very compactly - not very practical for our Micra!

Bagpuss30 Wed 04-Aug-04 10:05:35

First Maclaren I bought was a Quest (2002 model)but I didn't think it was very good as the wheels were so small and it had no suspension either. We upgraded it to the Techno XT last summer and I have to say its one of the best pushchairs I've owned. It survived during a quite horrendous car crash we had as it was in the boot at the time so I can testify to its durability. Also, Maclaren very kindly let us have a new raincover FOC (old one got ripped in crash) when I told them about our accident. DD is now 23 months and still fits in it really well and more importantly still falls asleep in it too.

Piffleoffagus Wed 04-Aug-04 10:13:36

I'have two, one I had to sell as I was sourcing funds for my E3 Phil and Ted pram, I now have one given by a neighbour, it has had a 3 yr old in it for 7 mths and it is very rattly and wobbly, the wheels have gone in a bit, but it does still work well enough although the wheels are getting worse.
So if you have a very robust older child I'd go for something less expensive or much stronger...
It is really good as a 2nd pram though

WideWebWitch Wed 04-Aug-04 15:51:55

The differences are that the XT is suitable from birth, the Quest from 3 mos, the XT has padded straps and the Quest doesn't and the XT has larger wheels. I think that's about it. I bought a Quest as dd was already 3 mos so I didn't need the XT features really. There's about 50 quid difference IIRC. You won't stand out though, *everyone's* got one! The brakes aren't fab but that's my only criticism.

GeorginaA Wed 04-Aug-04 17:27:12

www - they've improved the brakes drastically on the latest model (XT at least not sure about the Quest).

Twiglett Wed 04-Aug-04 18:09:43

message withdrawn

GeorginaA Wed 04-Aug-04 19:06:18

Um... hate to say this, but it's the 2004 model where they completely reworked the brakes

Piffleoffagus Wed 04-Aug-04 19:39:47

the brakes are ok, you have to learn to kick them in the right way!

Twiglett Wed 04-Aug-04 19:57:26

message withdrawn

Twiglett Wed 04-Aug-04 20:00:11

message withdrawn

GeorginaA Wed 04-Aug-04 20:42:03

Hmm... perhaps they updated them earlier then? *frowns*

I remember looking at the kiddicare one and thinking it was just the older fabric - still the 2004 one... for some reason I can't access the kiddicare website to check at the moment (have a lousy connection this evening)

Galaxy Wed 04-Aug-04 20:49:14

message withdrawn

Ladykennedy Wed 04-Aug-04 22:20:29

i have the techno xt from kiddicare the £99 one and it does have the new breaking system

Twiglett Wed 04-Aug-04 22:21:53

message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Wed 04-Aug-04 22:25:07

Well, I wouldn't have thought so Twig but hey, you want the chilli colour, you carry on!

GeorginaA Wed 04-Aug-04 22:29:20

The chilli is gorgeous, but not really worth the extra money ... although I went for the chilli anyway

Shh... don't tell dh

GeorginaA Wed 04-Aug-04 22:30:21

Meant to say - glad to hear that you'll get one with the new brakes. Sorry for panicking you unnecessarily

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