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Need a new pram... which one second hand?!

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tootsieglitterballs Mon 12-Mar-18 18:11:30

We’ve decided we need a new pram , and when I say new, I mean new to us.

Currently whittled it down to bugaboo cam 2 or icandy peach / all terrain /jogger

Currently have the silver cross surf from our last baby, but the basket is tiny and it’s almost useless with the buggy board on. These 2 both seem to have great sized baskets!

Not bothered for the carrycot as DS2 will be out of it in a month or so anyway, so don’t need to factor that in.

Any pros / cons anyone can shed light on? Or any other suggestions?

BertieBotts Mon 12-Mar-18 20:20:43

I am also not keen on carrycots.

What I immediately notice about those is that they have the moulded seat unit which reclines by tipping back as a whole. That to me means it's not really suitable to use without a carrycot, because the baby would be stuck with their legs in the air and it looks really uncomfortable. My number one criteria for no-carrycot pushchairs is that the seat unit has to recline as a kind of hinge and have the option to be parent facing. And I find that many of the top end ones have these moulded seats, which I find a bit of a con because it basically forces you to buy their carrycot!

So I'd look at:

Joie Chrome DLX
Cybex Balios S
Hauck Rapid / Atlantic / Soul Plus
Cosatto Woop
Maxi Cosi Adorra
Babystyle Oyster 2 / Max
Mutsy Evo

I don't know how any of these are with a buggy board so might be worth checking before you look for them new/second hand.

tootsieglitterballs Mon 12-Mar-18 21:58:15

Hi , thanks for your message!

The only reason for no carrycot is that our DS2 is already 3 1/2 months old, so another month or 2 and he wouldn’t be using it anyway, hence not being bothered for the carrycot (sorry, should have made my post clearer!) - he’s currently in the carry cot for each outing, but is already attempting to sit up!

BertieBotts Mon 12-Mar-18 22:03:21

Oh I see! Sorry I thought you meant for a new arrival, in that case it's not such a big deal smile I am still not a fan of those moulded seats though, they irrationally annoy me, probably because I think they are a secret marketing ploy to make you get a carrycot grin

Trebormints74 Mon 12-Mar-18 22:25:14

Have you looked at the uppababy Cruz. Amazing basket and not to big frame. Can be used with buggy board. Uppababy vista is the bigger version but comes with a carrycot and more expensive. And I think it's too big. I love my Cruz!

Lilonetwo Mon 12-Mar-18 22:29:00

We had the icandy jogger. It looks great and is good on bumpy terrain. However it's so heavy and the wheels are very bulky. So only buy if you really will be using it mainly for bumpy journeys.
(Also it's rubbish on sand fyi!)

tootsieglitterballs Tue 13-Mar-18 06:38:17

@Lilonetwo thanks for the tip about the sand! Is it good on other types of bumpy ground??

Lilonetwo Tue 13-Mar-18 07:00:50

Yes it's great on other ground. Really excellent on woodland walks. Also another thing to note is as it's a three wheeler when you walk on pavements over the dipped driveways, the Pram pulls down the gradient. This annoyed me.

springmachine Wed 14-Mar-18 18:23:47

I had Priam and as the lux seat goes lie flat I never needed carry cot

Saved £300

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