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Venicci Pram / Other Pram Suggestions

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lozdaniellexxx Wed 07-Feb-18 12:28:58

Hi all smile

I am looking to purchase a Venicci pram but cannot find many reviews online. Looking for opinions on anyone who has purchased one before!

Also open to any other suggestions for travel systems! Would ideally like them to fold quite small as I have a mini for a car!

Thanks in advance xx

YerAuntFanny Wed 07-Feb-18 13:38:27

My niece has a Venicci and loves it, her 8 month old always seems happy enough in it too but it's definitely not what I'd call compact when open or closed so I'm not sure about it fitting in a small boot.

I think her one issue with it is that in her area it seems like every second person has the same pram, we live 200 miles away and it's the same here. I've heard people joke that it seems to have become NHS standard issue upon the birth of a new baby. Whether you see that as a bad thing is personal preference I guess.

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