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Big pink frilly pram recommendations

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SleepingKings Sat 20-Jan-18 17:17:26

I know there considered tacky on mn but I’ve always wanted one since I was a kid and I’ve just found out we’re having a girl so I’m indulging myself smile (we’ll be getting a sensible buggy too for if we need to go on the bus or anything)

Does anybody have any recommendations??

SleepingKings Sat 20-Jan-18 17:23:17


SleepingKings Sat 20-Jan-18 17:32:20

One last try

YerAuntFanny Sun 21-Jan-18 08:27:21

Well tbh, you can get most prams in pink now so it depends what you want it to do and your budget really as the features are all so different!

No idea about frills though, you can usually buy blankets and things that clip on to the hood etc to bling them up at markets or on Facebook/eBay sellers etc. Not my thing personally but I know plenty who use them.

MrsMozart Sun 21-Jan-18 08:29:53

When you say 'big' what sort of thing are you thinking of? Something like a Silver Cross style?

MrsMozart Sun 21-Jan-18 08:31:12

I'm no good with links, if if you google 'big pink prams' there's quite a choice smile

LolitaLempicka Sun 21-Jan-18 08:35:45

Silver Cross? They do an insipid pink pram. I don’t know about frills though. eBay? Independent shops?

flumpybear Sun 21-Jan-18 08:40:04

Like this shock

Remember if you have more kids they may be boys!

Psychobabble123 Sun 21-Jan-18 08:44:25

£1600?!! shock

YerAuntFanny Sun 21-Jan-18 08:51:23

How about something like ink{\]]/}?

I know it's not full on traditional frills BUT it might be a bit more practical in the long run, you can always add bits to jazz it up if you wish plus you've got the added bonus that on this model you can buy different colour packs for the hood, seat and carrycot if you fancied a change or wanted to reuse it for another child if it gets trashed or turns out to be a boy!

YerAuntFanny Sun 21-Jan-18 08:52:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YerAuntFanny Sun 21-Jan-18 08:53:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YerAuntFanny Sun 21-Jan-18 08:55:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

betterbemoreorganised Sun 21-Jan-18 08:56:54

I've got a big old silver cross pram, which is fantastic and ds loves to sleep in it. It is folding and brown (so not pink and frilly) but there are lots of different colours available and lots of accessories.I found mine on eBay and then bought a new mattress etc.

BikeRunSki Sun 21-Jan-18 08:57:47

Get whatever pram you want, then search ebay and Facebook for “pram fabrics”. There are people out there who make you all the frilly add ins yiubcoukd possibly want, and matching changing bags and drssses too.

DavidGandyfanclubpresident Sun 21-Jan-18 08:57:57

They sell lots of unique and made to order pink frilly things on eBay, just search 'Romany Pram Pink'.

JackietheBackie Sun 21-Jan-18 09:01:43

Lots of women round my way go for the big frilly look. Are you any good with a hot glue gun? You can then add as much lacey trim, ribbons and fake fur as you can stand and then get frilly blankets. then if you get bored you can take it off. Or add more! Congratulations!

dontcallmelen Mon 12-Feb-18 21:28:57

Have a look at Bebecar, they have some lovely prams I think they do one in pink.

GottaBeStrong Tue 13-Mar-18 12:34:17

Obaby has some regular stroller and prams in bright colours like pink and purple and I noticed Cosatto does too.

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