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Compact stroller ok for hand luggage/suitable from birth?

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Newte Tue 16-Jan-18 20:57:16

I'm doing a long haul flight in the summer and need a stroller that can be taken on as hand luggage as when we arrive it will be in the middle of the night and we'll have a newborn, 2 yr old and 5 yr old! Newborn (2 months) will be in a sling, but toddler will need the stroller. To complicate things once I'm there I will want to use the stroller for the newborn as it'll be too hot to have them in a sling, but want the option of being handsfree when the baby is sleeping so I'm free to interact with the other two! I'm looking at the Mountain Buggy Nano but have read the carrycot really only lasts till their 2 months. My babies tend to be tall, so it might be useless...not sure what you're meant to then do as the other seat doesn't seem to be ok until they're 6 months.
Perhaps there's another stroller someone can recommend? It would be bonus if it would also fit a car seat, but that's not a deal breaker.
Many thanks!

Discusting Tue 16-Jan-18 20:59:31

Baby Jogger tour folds to be hand luggge size- I’m not sure you can add a carry cot though.

Anything you add a carry cot too won’t be hand luggage sized anymore.

HurryUpPleaseItsTime Tue 16-Jan-18 21:00:55

Where are you flying to, if you don't mind saying?
I've flown long haul with DS many times and I've always given up my pushchair at the boarding gate and received it at the air tunnel as soon as we land on the other side.

Newte Tue 16-Jan-18 21:01:46

Thanks, I look into that. I won't need the carrycot for the plane, so I can pack the carrycot.

Newte Tue 16-Jan-18 21:04:31

I'm flying to Vancouver and we did the trip a few years ago and our stroller wasn't available until we got to the luggage pick up - which I've often found the case, think it just depends on the airport/airline/baggage handler. They did have ones to use in the airport but they weren't any available as other families had got there first!

welshweasel Tue 16-Jan-18 21:06:45

Ickle bubba Aurora. Folds up to hand luggage size, suitable from birth and can fit a car seat. £150

Cookiefiend Tue 16-Jan-18 21:07:17

What about packing a proper pushchair and taking a toddler sling or one of those trunki things as hand luggage? Or put the toddler on your shoulders for getting to luggage claim?

FastandLoose Tue 16-Jan-18 21:10:06

I guess depends on the airline, but I’ve flown several times with BA and they’ve always given the option to get the buggy at the plane - occasionally a bit of a wait though. Could check with the airline in advance if you prefer that option?

FastandLoose Tue 16-Jan-18 21:11:09

Mind you, I wouldn’t recommend flying with BA. this is probably their only good point.

starofwonder Tue 16-Jan-18 21:11:43

Babyzen yoyo. Can go in the overhead locker and I think lies flat.

starofwonder Tue 16-Jan-18 21:15:44

Yep, lies flat and can go as hand luggage. Have seen it on several flights and been jealous it wasn't around when mine were tiny!

Newte Tue 16-Jan-18 22:46:41

I have looked at the babyzen yoyo plus but it appears to make it ok from birth you need to buy a carrycot - which replaces the seat that would be suitable for my toddler. Which would be ok if it wasn't for jet lag/long walk to baggage reclaim. But maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully someone who has one might see this to answer!

Flipflopflipflap Mon 05-Feb-18 20:34:17

Quinny Zapp xtra 2 and pack the carrycot or just take a newborn insert! X

lemonsquisher Wed 07-Feb-18 15:22:45

I have the Yoyo and it’s brilliant, fits in the overhead locker of practically all planes, the only time we had an issue was on a tiny prop plane in Switzerland but it comfortably went under our seats instead.

To clarify, the newborn ‘nest’ (it’s not a carrycot) is separate to the seat in the 6 month+ configuration and does need to be bought separately but it does folds to a carry-on size in both configurations. You can also buy adapters to fit a car seat to the frame if easier although you’d have to wait for the car seat to pop out at baggage reclaim.

Both the nest/6 month+ seat are pretty small and squish down (can be folded) so I wouldn’t have a thought you’d have a probably carrying whichever you weren’t using on to the plane in addition to the pram itself, providing it didn’t exceed your total carry-on allowance of course.

I can’t remember exactly how easy it is to swap between the newborn nest and 6 month+ seat unfortunately (only changed it over the once, when DD outgrow the nest) but don’t think it was too tricky.

Hope that helps!

lemonsquisher Wed 07-Feb-18 15:35:34

Also whether you can get the pushchair returned to the aircraft doors (if you don’t go for the YoYo) depends on the destination airport and not the airline so don’t count on it just because you’ve flown the same airline before and it was fine!

Newte Wed 07-Feb-18 16:52:31

Thank you Lemonsquisher. Unfortunately you need a screwdriver to take the baby carrier off and put the other seat in meaning it won’t be easily adapted to allow my toddler to sit in it. Apparently there is one that would work for me called the Mutsy Nexo but it looks as though you mightn’t have to take the wheels off for it to count as cabin luggage - but I’m yet to see it in person so maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Do you find the Yoyo small for a toddler?
Thanks again

lemonsquisher Wed 07-Feb-18 18:25:59

Ah I don’t remember the screwdriver bit, DH did most of the work so that’s probably why. Definitely not an option for carry-on though grin

My DD is still at the baby stage but a friend also has a YoYo for her 2YO and he looks perfectly comfy in it!

Doesn’t help you with the carry-on dilemma but it’s super easy to use the adapaters to sit a car seat on the YoYo without removing the seat so that would likely be your easiest way to swap between toddler/newborn, however, totally useless for getting the tiny one through to baggage reclaim unless you could count on the car seat being brought to the aircraft doors which doesn’t sound like it’s a given at a Vancouver. Hopefully the Musty Nexo is the perfect solution- good luck!

AuditAngel Wed 07-Feb-18 18:56:00

Actually, it can also depend on the pilot if you can get the buggy at the door of the plane. I once flew alone with the 3 children, and requested the buggy at the door on landing. The Steward explained that only the pilot can go to the Tarmac and request it, but he did for me. (However, they didn't collect the buggies for 2 other babies travelling with 2 parents)

AuditAngel Wed 07-Feb-18 18:59:36

Try to see the Mutsy in real life before buying. I bought one which folded into a bag and it was enormous, 3 wheeler, but was so wide I had to lift diagonally into the lift for our flat

lemonsquisher Wed 07-Feb-18 19:15:17

Interesting, seems there’s no hard and fast rule re getting the pram back at the gate so definitely best to plan as if you won’t get it!

I did the same, bought a massive tank of a pram, struggled to even get it in the boot of the car etc. Bought a YoYo for a holiday and never looked back! Much easier with 1 as opposed to 3 though- you deserve major kudos smile

silkpyjamasallday Wed 07-Feb-18 20:20:17

We got a GB pockit from John Lewis for taking on as hand luggage, it is so light and easy to shake open and fold up. You can also attach a car seat with adaptors. It does recline but not totally flat so probably not suitable for a newborn unfortunately.

Newte Wed 07-Feb-18 21:03:55

Thanks Silkpyjamasallday. I’ve heard good things about the GB Pockit, but have been advised against using anything that doesn’t lie flat for a newborn. Although I’m slightly torn as think the baby will be in a carrier most of the time and surely the occasional not lying flat won’t do any harm! So maybe the pushchair will be more of a backup for the toddler! I want something that I’ll like for the next few years not just good for this trip!

LondonSouth28 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:15:25

My 3 year old uses the yo-yo still if we are travelling, so plenty big enough for a toddler. The yo-yo without the newborn insert almost lies flat. If you get a newborn insert (like a padded cushion thingy) it would be fine for a 2 month old (I've done it). Maybe go into a shop that sells them and see for yourself?

LiamLunch1984 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:47:15

I picked up my first stroller a icandy raspberry last week, all seems OK so far, it's comes with a carry cot which I use for sleeping too. I don't recognise many of the names above but hope that this helps somewhere.

Newte Thu 08-Feb-18 14:17:41

Thanks Londonsouth28. I think if I got something that would protect the babies head from rolling around that almost lie flat would be fine! It’s just so hard to remember what they’re capable of doing at 2 months!! Thank you!

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