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Zeta Citi or Chicco Ohlala?

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Pudding01 Sun 05-Nov-17 15:07:58

We are going on holiday next month and I have been looking for a stroller to take.
It was originally between the Joie Nitro (ruled out as it’s the heavies) & Zeta Citi, but then someone recommended the Chicco Ohlala and I saw that it was half the weight of the Citi, but is it better?
Thanks in advance! smile

Pudding01 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:18:13


Joel89 Tue 07-Nov-17 08:52:02

I really like the Ohlala.

My wife's friend took hers on holiday when we all went and it performed very well. I couldn't believe how light it was.

Pudding01 Tue 07-Nov-17 11:54:27

Thank you. I love the weight of it, but wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be with the padding and seat position. But I’ve not heard anyone mark it down on that yet, so may be worth paying a bit more for the Ohlala smile

IveGotBillsTheyreMultiplying Tue 07-Nov-17 11:59:03

At first glance I thought this was another outlandish baby naming thread grin

IsabelleSE19 Tue 07-Nov-17 12:01:09

IveGot Me too! OP, I don't think you should call your baby either of those. hth

Pudding01 Tue 07-Nov-17 12:08:59

Haha could you imagine calling your baby Ohlala?! grin
No, just stuck between two strollers and needing opinions! x

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