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Cosatto Giggle 2

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WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:17:16

Hi everyone! I've just bought the Giggle 2 system and was wondering what everyone else's experience has been with them?

I liked it when testing as I found it easy to use/manoeuvre and from a purely superficial point of view, I found that they looked different to all of the others (bought it at the Baby Show so saw a LOT about!).

As I've not had my baby yet I was wondering how it performs once in everyday use not just a few laps of the Cosatto stand 😂.

Thanks in advance!

LucyDolly Sat 06-Jan-18 17:43:05

I am thinking of this too but would like to know someone that has one x

0htooooodles Sat 06-Jan-18 17:54:39

We bought one when we had our second child recently. Having previously had the quinny with my DD 6 years ago. We love the giggle, it’s lightweight, easy to push and folds away nicely!

Spaghettihoops23 Sat 06-Jan-18 20:15:36

We got the giggle 2 pixelate and have been using for 2+ years from birth.
I chose it initially for design but it’s an amazing pram. Easy to push, manoeuvre and pretty light. For the first 6 months I had to carry baby and buggy up to 3rd floor (no lift)
The design is so bright as well and makes me happy!grin
I still use it occasionally now, although she is getting a bit big for it but it still must be comfy as she can take mega naps in it when we are out!
Hoping to give it a deep clean and use it again when/if we get pregnant!

EssentialHummus Sat 06-Jan-18 20:23:33

We've got one, DD is four months. LOVE the design and get loads of compliments on it. We're still using the carrycot bit and my one criticism is that it is very bulky and doesn't fit with the base into the boot of my very large car. But very maneuverable, easy, weight is ok, easy to collapse/pop up, versatile.

elmo1980 Sat 06-Jan-18 20:28:29

I've been using mine for a year and I love it. Very lightweight and much easier to collapse and put up than some of the others. I also get lots of compliments on the design.

One thing I would say though is that the clipping in functions (e.g. putting the chair into the frame) have started to get a bit stiff. Not sure whether that's down to lots of use or it's a bit grubby after muddy walks.

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