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Bugaboo Donkey2 or Joolz Geo2 Duo for toddler & newborn? Confused!

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Izzy124 Mon 16-Oct-17 13:47:51

As the title suggests I'm struggling to work out which one to go for. My son will be exactly two when the newborn arrives and therefore I've decided he'll still need somewhere he can rest and be safely strapped in to stop him running off in the opposite direction while I'm trying to deal with a baby!

I've had the Bugaboo Buffalo for my first so I'm used to a fairly bulky pram, but one that handles well and also used to plenty of under seat storage. My main reservation about the Joolz Geo2 is you don't get any storage when it's in duo mode. Any this a huge issue?

My main concern with the Buffalo is the width and how much pavement space it takes up! I'm slightly worried about it taking up so much space around town and shops etc that people hate me! The pros are obviously the flexibility with seating configurations and that you don't lose any storage in duo mode but is it worth the hassle of the extra width??

Basically I'm confused!

All advice appreciated :-)

Babyiwantabump Mon 16-Oct-17 13:52:17

Love love love my bugaboo donkey - had it from when my boys were 2 and newborn and it’s been invaluable. Now have it set up as a single and toddler seat and it’s fab.

Never had a problem in town apart from maybe in car park as can’t fit between two parked cars but would have the same issue with a single really.

It’s really light weight for such a big pushchair and has loads of storage .

It’s actually quite slimlined as a double too - we have a mclarren double buggie for OH’s car which is wider than it .

I don’t have any cons with it at all and I always get comments on it from people.

KTmamaoftwo Fri 20-Oct-17 13:38:45

Thanks Babyiwantabump, that's really helpful. It sort of confirms what I've been thinking which is that for such a flexible pram, with plenty of storage, it's impressively light and easy to handle. Just need to get over my fear of what other people will think...who cares if they think it's massive...I need something practical. I can't get my head around having two LO's on board and virtually no storage capacity (Joolz Geo!) for everything we'll need to haul around!

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