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joie chrome or babystyle oyster 2?

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shakeatailfeather Mon 02-Oct-17 15:49:08

Hi all,

I'm due in January and currently driving myself insane looking at pushchairs! Please help!

We have narrowed it down (I think) to either the Joie Chrome or the Oyster 2. The main issue we have is making sure that it fits in my boot (which is tiny) and i think both these would fold small enough.

The joie is on a good offer in mothercare at the moment, and comes as a travel system, including a joie gemm car seat (which seems to have good reviews). The Oyster is considerably dearer, but seems to be compatible with my favoured Britax (baby safe) seat.

Does anyone have experience with either of these - or any other suggestions? (preferably at the less expensive end!!)


bigredboat Mon 02-Oct-17 15:53:01

I had a chrome, it was a good pushchair, the folding action is really neat and you can fold with the seat attached. The basket is really big as well. It was fairly sturdy but I think the oyster does look a bit more expensive and a bit 'fancier'.

Sherbet38 Mon 02-Oct-17 16:02:01

I have the Oyster 2 and the Britax car seat you mention, which is compatible. I have no complaints abbot the buggy, it folds up easily, is easy to push/steer and has a good size basket. I have a Corsa and it fits in the boot no problem. I'd recommend it, its a lovely buggy.

shakeatailfeather Mon 02-Oct-17 20:58:01

Thanks both smile

Think we're probably heading towards the chrome as we can get it for nearly half the price of the oyster, and it does everything that we want. Just need to make sure it fits in my stupidly small boot!! It was just that I had my eye on the britax car seat that put the oyster in my mind, and the colour packs are lovely! :D

Nottsangel2015 Mon 02-Oct-17 21:02:57

We’ve got the chrome. Dd is 2 and we still use it. We got an offer with the carrycot and car seat too and was really pleased. Could not and still cannot fault it. 2 Years later it’s still in excellent condition. Complete value for money, I really wanted the oyster but we just could not afford it and dd came 10 weeks early so we had to get on quicker than anticipated. Pp poster is correct the basket is huge! Also I’m very tall and my mum is very short and the handle adjusts for all heights which is a bonus!

Olivelor Sat 07-Oct-17 15:55:15

I am also looking for a pushchair for my first baby. Chrome looks value for money too with the Basic Stroller and Carrycot both together. But then again you can buy separate ones for a cheaper price. Only I'm concerned of its quality. Will follow thread for more replies. thanks.

thefutureisours Sat 07-Oct-17 16:00:04

We had a chrome and I loved it. Massive basket, really easy to push and could fit it in the boot of my Hyundai i10 (with the parcel shelf off).

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