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fabia skoda boot with mamas and papas zoom

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thepeke Tue 26-Sep-17 10:53:34


Just wondering if anyone has the combination of fabia skoda boot and mamas and papas zoom and can tell me if and how easily it fits in please? Thanks!


namechanger2735 Tue 26-Sep-17 10:54:49

I soon have to fit the joie double in my fabia boot. I bloody hope it fits

thepeke Tue 26-Sep-17 10:58:39

PS the fabia is 2015 onwards version - larger boot but not estate.

thepeke Tue 26-Sep-17 10:59:49

it's hard to work out, isn't it namechanger!

namechanger2735 Tue 26-Sep-17 11:27:59

Mothercare are really helpful and would definitely test it for you! But I don't think mine is sold by mothercare, only place I know of that isn't online is smyths. And they are useless not so helpful

user1495492391 Tue 26-Sep-17 20:32:13

I have the Ocarro by M&P and it only just fits in my 2017 Fabia, it's got a big chassis and massive all-terrain wheels though, so unless the Zoom is bigger (doubtful), I'm sure it will be fine.

thepeke Tue 26-Sep-17 23:12:16

Thanks long numbered user!

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