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Best Tandem Pram for tall toddler and newborn?

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bumberjambles Sun 30-Jul-17 11:40:40


I have been searching for months on this and still haven't found a solution... I am expecting baby number 4 in 3 weeks and number 3 has just turned 2 (last week) but seems to be tall for all the tandem prams I am looking at! She isn't even that tall... only 92cms but perhaps long bodied!

Can anyone recommend a good one? I need a tandem for when I am out and about at nap time for the toddler and for the school run to pick up the older 2... and I really don't want to look at side by side doubles due to restrictions on paths round where I live, plus getting round shops etc - I find it hard enough with a single pram!

Ideally I'd like a tandem with a big enough toddler seat for my 2 year old to nap in, with a carrycot/cocoon for the newborn (I already have a baby car seat so don't want to buy a full travel system).

Any advice would be really appreciated!

Thanks smile

ScrunchyBook Sun 30-Jul-17 11:44:17

Have you looked at the Baby Jogger City Select tandem, you can set it up several different ways, pictures on the John Lewis website if that helps

bumberjambles Mon 31-Jul-17 08:33:46

I've had a look at it but I wasn't keen on it when the carry cot was on the pram - I don't think my toddler will take very well to being underneath with the carry cot practically touching her head! confused

Changingoftheguard Mon 31-Jul-17 08:44:54

I'm having a similar issue bumber, have hunted high and low but I'm not prepared to pay a fortune and my toddler wouldn't settle in the ones where she can't see in front of her as most have the carrycot part in front of her face.

I've found one on called chic 4 baby due, I was put off because they seem to have quite bad reviews (item not actually in stock/taking ages to dispatch etc...) but I sent them an email as have just received a responce saying it's defibitely in stock and would be dispatched within 3-5 wd.

It's a reasonable price too so think I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet.

My dd is tall and I'm thinking she would be able to rest her legs on the bottom part.

Good luck

Changingoftheguard Mon 31-Jul-17 08:45:54

Excuse the typos, typing on phone with baby attached to me

AlbusPercival Mon 31-Jul-17 08:48:08

Have you looked at the uppababy vista?

I only have one, but bought it so it will work if I have another.

loveulotslikejellytots Mon 31-Jul-17 08:53:02

What about the uppababy vista? My friend had it for number 1 (so has the carrycot and seat already). Her dd is 1 and will be 18 months when number 2 arrives. The carry cot can go on the bottom with seat parent facing on top. It's not cheap but looks lovely. I really wish I'd got it instead of my pushchair now.

OhWifey Mon 31-Jul-17 08:59:49

Out n about nipper v4 is a side by side which is under the width of a standard doorway and fits tall children. For tandem, as a PP has said the Baby Jogger select is the best for tall children (and is also a brilliant, versatile system)

CWG17 Mon 31-Jul-17 09:10:23

You can also put the carrycot underneath on the baby jogger

CWG17 Mon 31-Jul-17 09:11:35

As per my previous post

user1471495191 Mon 31-Jul-17 09:18:37

I've been looking at the Hauck duett- but worry my toddler will be too big for the toddler seat which is underneath. Currently thinking of keeping my newborn in a sling and toddler in the regular following other suggestions!

MrsMotherHen Mon 31-Jul-17 09:20:10

i know you said you wanted a tandem but i have this for my newborn (well shes weeks now) and my toddler whos 2 1/2 and its fantastic not many doors i cant fit through. I can get it on all buses no problems.


the colour inserts are reversable honestly read the reviews for it its fantastic.

MrsMotherHen Mon 31-Jul-17 09:21:27!)%20Boots%20Shopping%20-%20Category%20-%20Baby-_-(GB:Whoop!)%20Boots%20Shopping%20-%20Category%20-%20Baby&product=10187815&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqvvLBRDIARIsAMYuvBFODTGOVmc1AErnNVG-9b62QDdX_O4k77UQv9mmnModzM1Guq6T0cIaAo9lEALw_wcB

theres the link

MrsMotherHen Mon 31-Jul-17 09:23:30

forgot to add it goes completly flat for the newborn i always hated seeing newborns in buggys but she is so comfy in it i do use her carseat head hugger thing in it aswell though.

Changingoftheguard Mon 31-Jul-17 09:26:39

Am I right in thinking toddler can't be forward facing when babies in the carrycot on the baby jogger? My toddler would hate that, it's so hard to find one suitable.

My dd is really iffy, she likes to see what's going on, getting desperate!

bumberjambles Mon 31-Jul-17 20:32:37

I have the same issue - my toddler would like to be forward facing.

I have also looked at the chic 4 duo which looks great, but I can't find the seat measurements anywhere, apart from that fully reclined it is 70cm x 30cm - I've even messaged who sell it to ask them and had no response! sad I don't want to order it then find out its too small...

The uppa baby vista looks good, but pricey! I might have to hunt around for a second hand one. Can you tell me - do they all convert from a single to a double or do I need to be looking for a specific one?

BingoFlamingos Fri 04-Aug-17 11:42:12

I know you said you didn't want a side by side, but the bugaboo donkey is alnodt as slim as a single, and seems like it would meet your needs x

Howsthings1234 Sun 01-Oct-17 13:12:21

I think you need 2015 or beyond for vista to convert to a double.

Emmarose1987 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:55:07

I know this thread is really old but just wondered if any of you ordered the chic4baby duo in the end? I’m struggling to find one that my 2 year old fits in and am wondering if this one will work

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