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Silver Cross injury

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user1495396300 Sun 21-May-17 21:12:32

I bought a silver cross pioneer pram for my first baby and at two weeks old we had a horrible incident where the handle on the carry cot swung forward when I was clipping it back on after putting her in and hit her in the face. We had to rush to A&E, both traumitised, as she was bleading I feared it had hit her in the eye and blinded her. Fortunately it hit her 0.5cm under her eye but has left a little scar. The whole experience as a new mum was seriously terrifying and I was very emotional for a few days.
I contacted silver cross and explained the incident that the handle did swing out of my hand but there is no need for it to swing forward towards a baby's face with such a sharp edge. This design is not safe at all. A simple lock at the hinge would ensure the handle swings only towards the feet of the baby and not towards the face. This change would not impact the functionality of this pram whatsoever but only make it safer.
I was furious when they sent a courier to collect the carry cot to check it for faults although I explained it was not faulty it was the design of the pram that is the problem. I was told they couldn't give me a replacement while they had the carry cot and I would have it back within one week. Two weeks later I had to email several times to ask for it back and get a response. They said it passes the British standards and all they will do will take into consideration what happened for future designs which I think is a cop out excuse.
I really would hate this to happen to any other baby and parent/guardian so please share this information about this dangerous pram.

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