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Njoy bubble v babyjogger vue. Any others like this out there?

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chocoraisin Tue 16-May-17 18:52:17

I am getting a travel system (probably a silvercross or emmaljunga beast of a pram) but will need a stroller to keep in the car and want a parent facing, from birth option. Don't want to break the bank on this but I do want it to be decent quality. Any suggestions I should consider that are like these two? TIA

Tiggywunkle Wed 17-May-17 12:42:17

The Vue is basically the Bubble but rebranded after Baby Jogger bought the company out. I prefer the Babystyle Oyster Switch.
Cosatto to the To & Fro. An Armadillo Flip or iCandy Raspberry would be good if you don't mind something a little bigger. The Mee-Go Feather is worth a look too.

chocoraisin Wed 17-May-17 18:42:22

Thanks Tiggy! Love the Cossatto fabrics and hadn't heard of the Oyster switch. Only one more question for you. Given the choice, for a newborn, would you go for a carriage built pram for the first 9 months plus a switch, or opt for the Easywalker Mosey and be done with it?

I had a carriage built pram with DS2 and loved it so very much in the early days. But they are big and expensive. DC3 is a surprise so I didn't keep anything. I know I used strollers almost exclusively from about 9/10 months so I don't know if it's pointless to get a carriage built just for the bassinet in the beginning.

How long would the Mosey pram bit last? Is the pushchair still 5* in your opinion? BTW love bestbuggy smile

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