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carrycot for baby jogger city mini

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trousergrout Tue 16-May-17 18:35:10

What carrycots are compatible with this pushchair? Ideally I'd like one that's not too small and that's suitable for the occasional overnight sleep. Does Obaby zeal fit? Thanks!

moggle Wed 17-May-17 13:00:52

Baby jogger does a few carrycots that fit, the Deluxe one is quite big and roomy, the "compact" one is smaller and cheaper. The compact one has been around for a while, and there are usually quite a lot on ebay that have been used for just a few months.

oh I've just looked at the obaby zeal - you mean a soft one that can clip into the main pushchair seat? I think what you need is one that has clips in the centre, as there are D rings in the base of the seat that you could anchor a soft nest thing to. It's not clear to me but it doesn't look like you could anchor the obaby one.

trousergrout Sun 21-May-17 17:04:25

Thanks moggle. It looks like there is no carrycot available that fits it and is good for overnight sleeping so we'll try to get away without a carrycot.

ifigoup Sun 21-May-17 17:09:53

The City Mini can lie completely flat which means it can be used right from birth without a separate carrycot.

trousergrout Sun 21-May-17 17:50:08

Ours does not seem to go completely flat, even when fully reclined. Also, because there isn't any barrier to stop the baby sliding out the foot end, you still have to strap them in.

ifigoup Sun 21-May-17 18:38:31

Oh, ours does go flat. But yes, strap them in.

moggle Sun 21-May-17 18:43:06

There's no official regulations about carrycot suitability overnight sleeping in the UK, some pushchairs have it from the US. We used the deluxe carrycot for occasional nights as it has a vented base and, we felt, high enough sides. From what I've seen if the compact one I certainly wouldn't use that, the sides are too shallow.

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Fri 02-Jun-17 12:54:11

I was never sure what made a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping! We had the deluxe carrycot and it was enormous. We didn't use it overnight though. Our DD is small and she still hadn't outgrown it at 6 months!

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