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Mountain buggy carrycot plus

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OtterSpace Mon 15-May-17 12:12:25

We are considering a Mountain Buggy Swift and wondering if anyone had any experience with the carrycot?

How easy is it to remove from the pushchair frame? We live in a town house with our living room and kitchen on the first floor, so I need to be able to wheel a pram into the hallway and easily remove the carrycot to carry upstairs whilst negotiating a 3 year old at the same time! I can't find any information anywhere and the Mountain Buggy instructions only show attaching it.

Would the cocoon be worth considering? I would be concerned about the stability of it when lifting a baby out and carrying though.

Does anyone has any other recommendations of travel systems to look at with the following requirements:

Small fold size without removing wheels (small car boot)
Easily removable carrycot
Suitable for rough urban terrain (cobblestones/shops with steps/very bad pavements) and off road walks
Small enough to be able to use on a bus and get through narrow doorways (we live in a historic city and shops are often tight to get in to)
Fits a Maxicosi Cabriofix car seat
I am 5ft4 and DH is 5ft6 so suitable for a shorter frame!
Prefer parent facing option if possible


Tiggywunkle Wed 17-May-17 13:15:27

I've phoned a friend at Mountain Buggy for you. They say that the carrycot fits on two plastic adaptors which you can see towards the end of this video:
Apparently there are two notches on the adaptors - these will be where the double lines are on the adaptors. You need to pull these outwards and the carrycot can then be lifted clear. Apparently you can do them both at the same time, or you can release one side, and then the other side.
They have suggested that the carrycot will give you the benefit of the parent facing seat whereas the cocoon won't. The carrycot will be more rigid and secure for carrying upstairs as well. However, I used a Bugaboo cocoon in one of my pushchairs (and it would fit the Swift) and that was handy to literally scoop my son up and carry him in my arms or over my shoulder in when I needed to take him upstairs (because he could be cuddled in it so to speak rather than carried by a handle).

I would also consider maybe an Easywalker Mosey (very narrow and has parent facing or the Joie Mytrax (1.5cm wider and doesn't take the Cabriofix as far as I can see).

As a curved ball suggestion, depending on your cobblestones you may wish to consider the Babyzen Yoyo which is super narrow, light to pick up steps etc. The wheels may get stuck in the cobbles though but I know I usually find a way around. But you will know whether this is feasible or not. It doesn't allow the baby to be carried upstairs in the babynest part but you could easily add any cocoon to the seat.

OtterSpace Mon 22-May-17 10:03:16

Sorry I've only just seen your reply Tiggywunkle - thank you so much that is very helpful!
I've found a local independent baby shop who will be getting in a carrycot plus display model soon so will hopefully get to play with one now. I'll take a look at your alternatives too.
Thanks again flowers

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