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Bugaboo Cameleon3 breezy sun canopy

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Geoff72 Sun 14-May-17 06:19:23

I am going to Greece in a months time with my 4 month old and i have been looking at buying the bugaboo breezy sun canopy.
Now being the over paranoid first time in a hot country parent i have been doing research on sun covers for our LO and the specs given by bugaboo for this cover are very confusing .
The official blurb says the canopy gives UPF 50+ protection but then goes on to say...Highly durable fabric is water- & oil- repellent and provides UPF 50+ (excl.integrated mesh panels).
Now given that what looks like 50% of the item is mesh how much protection does the mesh give if any?
I am just looking for any experiences with the item or if anyone has asked this question before.....does it give full protection??!
I can't see the point of having a sun cover that has mesh panels that don't provide protection?!
I have asked bugaboo this question and I requested complete UPF information for the mesh but they haven't responded.

Thank you

fizzytonicplease Sun 14-May-17 06:55:10

Can't help with the product, but I have a bugaboo chameleon and use to DH work we have been to Greece with DS from when he was a 3 months old every few months. I just use the parasol and the hood on the bugaboo, made sure DS was covered in sun tan lotion and he was in a nappy in the day all the time, and let him cool of in the pool/sea.
I would put a nice cotton muslin or anything really in the bugaboo for them to lay on otherwise it can get quite sweaty on their backs, I made sure DS was in the shade for naps and you can by little fans to attach to the pram but TBH in the day they just blew warm air round him, was nice in the evening for him. Enjoy your holiday, kids are great at adapting and your LO will love splashing in the pool/sea.

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