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Problem with icandy Raspberry footrest. Any Raspberry owners out there?

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Doingitover Thu 20-Apr-17 09:32:17

I have an icandy peach that I love. Needed a lighter buggy as we are going away a couple of times this year. So popped into our local Mothercare and bought the icandy Raspberry. It was the last one they had but after talking to sales rep j was confident it did everything I needed and I trusted the brand so I did a typical panic buy (didn't look at reviews).
Anyway put my 8mnth old in it at the weekend and found that the footrest doesn't adjust at all. So I had to put harness on tight to stop him sliding out.
Footrest isn't an issue when the backrest is down. But it is when he wants to sit upright.
It didn't feel right so took it back into Mothercare who ordered a new seat.
It arrived yesterday. I picked it up got it home and it's exactly the same.
I called Icandy and they said the footrest isn't adjustable (basically told me to get stuffed).
If any of you own a Raspberry I would appreciate your comments. Is this the worst footrest ever. Or do you think their is another fault.
I feel like I have a battle on my hands but without speaking to another owner I think I'm on shaky ground.
Thanks in advance. smile

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