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Advice needed on forward and parent facing max 10kg buggy dealing well with rough surfaces

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urszuha Mon 17-Apr-17 12:05:40

So we bought a brand new Armadillo Flipl XT last week for our 1 year old boy. It is beautiful and I really love its compact fold, really big basket and mega large canopy, comfy harness and the fact that the seat is well padded and open so my little one can be comfortable and see everything around him. The downside is that it is not easy to manoeuvre and push and doesn't deal well with any other terrain than a street or a pavement (but even kerbs are tricky). More I use it more often I think that I should sell it and buy something else instead, but not sure what options I have and if it is possible to find a pram of my dreams which has:
- forward and parent facing seat
- big/ large basket
- large canopy ideally with peekaboo window and ventilation
- adjustable handle
- well padded seat and harness
- easily operated brakes
- easy to manoeuvre and push, deals well with pavement kerbs
- ideally all-terrain, or if not at least dealing well with grass, gravel, cobbles etc.
- has compact fold (ideally 1-handed)
- is not too heavy (max 10 kg)
- ideally cost less than £500

How people rate Bugaboo Bee 5 and Armadillo Flip XT2? Are they easy to push and manoeuvre and how they deal with kerbs and rough surfaces?
What about Baby Jogger City Versa GT?
Any other suggestions?

piefacedClique Mon 17-Apr-17 12:09:44

I have had a bagahoo buffalo and chameleon which were both amazing and there are some excellent deals to be had either new or on eBay. Not sure about the weight tho. Found the buffalo particularly good off road.

TiggerSnooze Sun 30-Apr-17 10:39:38

Might be worth checking out the Easywalker Mosey. Still an urban buggy but I have one and it handles really well on roughish terrain.

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