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MB Swift Carrycot+ or other ATP? Help!

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chopchopquick Sun 09-Apr-17 12:36:01

Hi all

I am after an atp pram that is to be used from newborn. I had pretty much decided upon an Out n About Nipper as it ticked most of the boxes. I drove miles to the nearest stockist but when I got there as much as it ticked most of the boxes I just didn't really like it. I think it's because beyond carrycot stage it's not parent facing. I did know this before and I thought I had got over it. DC2 was in a P&T sport and never parent faced, he has been fine and is the child that never stops talking and certainly isn't shy so it's not even that I think it's essential to parent face from a development point of view. I loved the sport by the way.

So now I am considering the Mountain Buggy Swift with plus carrycot as it can parent face beyond carrycot. However the seat looks really small when parent facing and wondering actually how long it will last in that mode. Also the hood looks small. What have your experiences been with this?

Open to suggestions on other prams to. I looked at bugaboo buffalo but crickey I couldn't lift that in and out of boot.

So confused and it's driving me mad.

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