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Which pushchair? So many choices....

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MiniBump2017 Sun 09-Apr-17 06:53:53

So we went to the Baby and Toddler show yesterday and looked at prays, amongst other things

Before we went we had thought we wanted a small, lightweight pram and had narrowed it down to the new bugaboo bee or the babyzen yoyo

But after the show we left with so many more questions...

Is the babyzen yoyo strong enough? Has anyone really taken it as hand luggage on a flight?
The bugaboo bee is actually quite large, will it fit in the boot of the car?
Why are there so many larger prams- how on earth do people store them, transport them in the back of the car?
Are these larger heavier, prams practical when travelling on the bus, train, tube?

I'm not the strongest person, and it worries me when even DH (a sporty, reasonably strong person) says some models are quite heavy


rizlett Mon 10-Apr-17 17:21:47

I think its not so much about the heaviness of a travel system but more about how easy it is to tip to get up and down kerbs which I think is to do with the centre of gravity - pushchairs with a tiny baby in are much easier to push than one with a toddler - and the advantage of the bigger more bouncy 'retro' prams are that despite being heavier they are so much more easy to push and don't give you back ache...
Will you travel more by car and in town on flat floored shopping centres op or will you be walking more where there will be kerbs and travelling on buses etc? Is a comfy ride for your baby important you to or how the pushchair looks?

MiniBump2017 Thu 13-Apr-17 06:20:49

Definitely the most important thing is a comfortable ride for the baby

We will use the pram for a mix of urban (buses, walking to town centre etc) and suburban (car to places and then walk around, maybe in the countryside)

hiimmumma Thu 13-Apr-17 06:40:43

I have baby zen yoyo and have used it with a car seat (rather than the newborn nest) from birth. My LO is 6MO now.
It's perfect for london. We lived on 2nd floor so could fold the base and takes up hardly any room in the communal hallway and then carry LO up the stairs in the car seat.
Same on the tube. The frame is so light I can de attach the car seat and carry that in one hand and the frame in the other up and down the steps and even on escalators when it's not too busy (I pretty much take up both sides so huge faux pas). Much easier then battling up and down with a massive pushchair.
Also by having a car seat with us at all times gives flexibility to get an uber if we want.
(I don't drive)
Haven't been on a flight yet but am going on one with it on Saturday!
Only down side is the basket underneath is tiny so you can't fit much underneath. Although did mean I didn't buy more than I could carry up the stairs ever.
Also it's not the most sturdy frame, great on smooth pavement but gets stuck in every little crack and pothole. We took it to hampstead Heath once. Big mistake. Cobbles are also tricky!

stripeylegs Thu 13-Apr-17 06:56:01

I've had both - sold the bee for a Yoyo and it's AMAZING!! It's going strong for my 2nd baby. We used it a lot for flying, you can wheel up to the gate and simply fold and carry on, holding your baby with the other hand. Only negative is that they basket is fairly small so it's the best shopping buggy but it's done us well and has lived in 3 countries so far with 2 children. I have always used from age 6 months - I think it is quite flimsy looking for a newborn though.

MiniBump2017 Sat 15-Apr-17 15:34:54

We were at Mamas and Papas today and saw the the Stokke Scoot - this seems like an option too

Anyone have any thoughts?

nuttyslackster Sat 15-Apr-17 15:41:31

Babyzen yoyo was by far our best baby purchase. So light and easy to manoeuvre and it is brilliant being able to fold it down so small. Have taken it twice on the plane as hand luggage. It is better suited to pavements so not brilliant off-roading on grass or rough terrain but that was fine for us. Seems pretty tough to me and would highly recommend!

nuttyslackster Sat 15-Apr-17 15:42:46

Should add have used it from newborn with the 'nest' and fine for that age too. Get lots of compliments on it!

TiggerSnooze Fri 28-Apr-17 14:54:21

Do you have your own ground floor hallway? This is big factor. If you don't then you'll really need something with a one-handed fold (facing either way ideally) and, if you can't leave it downstairs, light enough to carry up stairs frequently.
The Bee is definitely one of the best options if you fall into that category. But if you have space to leave the buggy open quite a bit when baby is younger then you have far more options.
I have the Uppababy Cruz which is my favourite buggy but not great off-road really (and a bit awkward, given that it's pretty light, to put into and out of the car).
Easywalker Mosey might be worth a look. Not the lightest but handles gorgeously on lots of terrain and has a lovely sturdiness. Also easier to carry one-handed than the Cruz. Basket much smaller though.

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