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Mamas & papa's Urbo 2

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danihazell Fri 07-Apr-17 21:10:41

Anyone have one of these? Thinking of getting one but want to check out thoughts first? My main concern is ease of getting it up and down.

Thanks smile

riddles26 Tue 11-Apr-17 21:59:20

I have one, baby is 5 months now and happy with it. My only criticism is small basket but I don't do big shops etc with the pram.

In terms of folding and unfolding, it depends on your circumstances. I live in a house so only need to wheel it into the house or in/out of the car so it is super convenient for me. If you were in a flat, had to carry baby with one hand while you fold/unfold it and then carry pram too, it would be a challenge. I don't store the frame and seat assembled in the car either, prefer putting them one on top of another so it works well.

Lie flat seat is absolutely fantastic as is the super large hood.

Hope that helps

10Betty10 Tue 25-Apr-17 18:21:28

I love it. Really easy fold, not very heavy compared to most, fits in boot of car really easily.

Mamas and Papas stores sales often have really good deals on their own models on certain colours. I got mine in the chestnut grey for half price in the Jan sale. If not a sale period you need to get it in, their bundles are really quite reasonable. The Cybex Aton car seat they do in the bundle is great, v good safety features , and is also really stylish (not that that really matters, but is a nice bonus!)

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