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M&P Armadillo advice

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Gardenbirdy Mon 03-Apr-17 20:30:18

I've posted this in "Car Seats" too as I didn't realise there was actually a pushchairs section - blush sorry Mumsnet!

Anyway - what's the difference between attaching a car seat to a original Armadillo and the Armadillo flip xt?
With the original Amarillo and adaptors the car seat seems to sit on top the existing seat - how does that work for putting the hood or rain cover on?
With the flip xt, it looks like the pushchair seat can be removed completely so the car seat can clip on to the base.
Can someone tell me whether they've used either and how convenient it was?
We have an armadillo already which I love, but never had to use the car seat function as dc1 was out of it by the time we bought it. Dc2 is now on the way so I'm trying to get organised.

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