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Mothercare XSS stroller

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MrsStinkey Sun 02-Apr-17 17:55:15

Anybody know of a buggy similar to the Mothercare XSS stroller but less pricey? Looking for a compact buggy for DD2 who is 20 months as she's almost completely outgrown her current buggy but I want something that folds down teeny tiny to fit in the boot of my car (VW polo). I haven't seen any going second hand in my area at all but really don't want to pay £139 for a buggy when DD1 had a standard umbrella that cost about £20 and did what we needed. A standard umberella buggy isn't an option unfortunately as i don't have the space in my car for one now with 2 DD's in the back! I'm not deluded and know I won't get one for £20 but under £100 would be nice.

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