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Best pushchair to run with?

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rubberducker Wed 22-Mar-17 14:43:25

I'm looking for a pushchair that would be good for running with. DS is 9 months and we have an egg pushchair that we use day to day, which is great but not really suitable for running. I think I need a 3 wheeler. If it could be a single fold one that we can use for holidays too then that would be a bonus. Anyone got any recommendations?

Inadither Sat 25-Mar-17 22:48:31

It's not strictly a running buggy but I have and my good friend run with our out and about nipper 360. The front wheel can be fixed, it has suspension and is a dream to push. It's good off road too. There's a safety strap included. I love mine.

LittleKiwi Wed 29-Mar-17 00:43:18

The best running pram I found (and I did extensive research) is the bugaboo running chassis. Part of its appeal for us was that you can use the seat from your normal bugaboo (most models), so not quite two prams, but not the compromise of a pram that is ok for daily use and ok for running but not great for either. It is FANTASTIC for running. We got the cam 3 initially and bought the running chassis when DD was old enough (when she could hold her head up consistently).

My only criticism of the cam 3 is that the basket is hard to access unless the seat is horizontal. Oh and that it folds down into two pieces which is a bit of a ballache.

The main problem of doing what we did is that you'll end up spending about £1250 if you buy a new bugaboo AND the running chassis. Also it's not a lot less in size than two prams. Oh, and if you have a pram refuser like we did, you'll be a bit hmm that you spent so much on the cam 3 when you could have just hung on and managed with only the running pram.

We now have a mountain buggy running pram which we've inherited from friends and while it isn't anywhere near as good for running as our bugaboo, it's probably a better all-round solution.

Having said all that, I wouldnt be without my bugaboo runner. I reckon I've run at least 25 miles with it every week since dd was about four months - it still looks and feels new, she loves it, I love it!!!

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