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The Egg or Mamas and Papas Ocarro?

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dimondholly85 Mon 06-Mar-17 14:28:23


I have been looking at pushchairs that can be used as a travel system for some time and had been completely decided on the Egg. My husband and I liked the quality, the ease of the seat removal, the fold and the manoeuvrability. We have also found lots of great reviews for the Egg which is reassuring. I quite liked the styling, but do think it could date easily because its quite quirky. It's also a bonus that we could add an additional seat in the future if we are able to have another child.

This weekend the Mamas and Papas Ocarro has caught our eye, but as it was only released in December, we can't really find any reviews by mums for it. Quite frankly, I prefer the styling, it has a great big shopping basket, a larger, extendable hood and the ability to fully recline the seat. Due these, I feel that it has some nicer features than the Egg. It also looks more comfortable and cosy for the baby.

I'm so confused because it is cheaper than the Egg - when considering just the chassis and seat unit - and I think you can feel this in the clips for the seat unit. They were not very smooth to operate and there wasn't enough space for my husbands hands, although he could manage it. We also can't future proof this one as we can't attach another seat.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these pushchairs (in particular the Ocarro due to lack of reviews)? And is it ok to sacrifice a bit of quality for some better features? Finally, should we worry about future proofing, or just cross that bridge when we (hopefully) come to it?


Tiggywunkle Mon 13-Mar-17 14:12:58

I have no experience of the Ocarro, but the Egg is a good pushchair. It looks good, handles very well, is very smooth and the seat is a god size. TBH on the one hand, I wouldn't futureproof for No 2, because you never know what will happen, so treat this pushchair as a rental knowing you will one day sell it on (keep the boxes etc. and look after it), but on other hand, if you really know you will have No 2, within 2 years of the first, then future proof. I wish I had, and you get a really fine single pushchair in its own right, with the Egg.

rubberducker Wed 22-Mar-17 16:25:24

I can't comment on the mamas and papas one but I have the egg - DS3 is 9 months old. It is a good pushchair and I love the styling but I have to be honest and say that, in terms of quality, it is nowhere near as good as an Icandy peach. I had a peach and used it as a double for DS1 and 2 - used everyday for 3 years and was an absolutely fantastic pushchair. I wanted to get another peach this time but DH was seduced by the styling on the egg and, whilst I don't dislike the egg, I would swap it for an icandy in a heartbeat.

If you feel that the m&p one is not as good quality wise as the egg then I would think very carefully about it - especially as M&P are notoriously bad on customer service!

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