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Bugaboo buggy board - compatability with other prams?

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BabsUnited Mon 06-Mar-17 13:46:05


We have the Bugaboo buggy board with the seat for my son, he is 4 but has limited mobility so we often use it with his younger sister in the pram. It's great; we love it.

He has started with a childminder who collects him from school and he currently has to use a normal buggy board where he stands, and after a day at school he needs to sit down really for the walk home. He doesn't want to go in a pram. The childminder would like to buy the same seat we have to go on her pram, but we don't know if it'll fit.

I got someone in the shop (JL) to help me attach the brackets to the pram, into which the buggy board clips in and out. The childminder wants to try the board but obviously there's no point if I can't figure out how to get the brackets onto her pram.... I'm not very handy.

Has anyone else ever put a Bugaboo wheeled board onto a different (non-Bugaboo) pram?

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