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Where do I start on pushchairs?

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EssentialHummus Wed 01-Mar-17 21:38:53

Just into the second trimester and starting to think about prams, but no idea where to start. I'd love any suggestions.

What we'll need/like: parent-facing, suitable from birth up, could fit in the boot of a large car. Will mostly be used on paved London roads and parks.

I'd like to buy second hand if possible, but from a "stuff"/environment rather than cost POV.

I think we'll end up buying a car seat separately because the car is ancient/tricky.

What would you recommend??

user1479939331 Thu 02-Mar-17 18:20:46

I had the same problem so asked on Mumsnet myself!

Everyone was really helpful and I narrowed it down to 3, ended up going with icandy peach which fits us perfectly and does everything that you ask for. I recommend going to John Lewis and Mothercare etc and trying out which ones feel the best and are the easiest for you to use x

SheepyFun Thu 02-Mar-17 18:32:02

Other things to think about (sorry, this is questions, not answers!):

Where will you mainly be using it? - Does it need to go off road? Ours can handle light bog (don't ask) but is big enough it could double as a missile launcher. We have a big car.

How tall are you/DP? Check you can both push it comfortably (i.e. that the handle is the right height/adjustable)?

Is it a design that doesn't leave either you or DP feeling an idiot when you push it (My DH would be very unhappy with pink or frilly).

Are you considering a second child before the first one is three (ish)? If so, do you want to think about getting something that can take two children if necessary?

You've said suitable from birth - do you want a separate carry cot attachment (we found this very useful, and used it as a second Moses basket downstairs) or a seat where you can adjust the angle?

Hope that helps!

EssentialHummus Fri 03-Mar-17 20:07:22

Thank you all, that's really helpful.

sheepy those are great questions - I suppose we're average height on roaders with a love of scandi design and plans to have more DC grin. I need to factor all this in.

madmoon Sat 04-Mar-17 04:16:29

A good option is the oyster max ( I have had a lot of prams from mamas and papas , mother care, cosatto , silver cross , britax etc , 17 different ones to be exact 6 children ) and I found the oyster to be one of the best , easy to collapse, smooth to push , excellent basket size, the carrycot was roomy , the colour packs are a great addition, love it my youngest is 3 and it's still being used by my friends who little ones 18 months no issues what so ever.

user1476799835 Fri 24-Mar-17 14:23:55

The iCandy Peach is a good choice, we were once in your boat, there are so many brands so we went to Olympia babyshow and the iCandy stand looked great, we had the demo on the Peach and haven't looked back since, it will last your child from birth to 25kgs!!! and is so easy to push and fold. i would recommend giving it a go in a store.

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