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Can you use the silver cross wayfarer seat/carrycot with the pioneer frame?

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ParsleyCake Wed 01-Mar-17 13:45:05

We're starting to think about trying for another baby, and while we loved using our Silver Cross Wayfarer for our first son, we'd like to upgrade to the Pioneer for baby number two, just for the all terrain wheels as the rubbish wheels were our main problem with the Wayfarer.

However this time round we are more strapped for cash, and our seat and carry cot are still in excellent condition, and look no different to the ones on the Pioneer. Plus, the hood and apron set for both versions of the pram, so I wonder if some of the other parts are interchangeable. Can anyone advise on whether we could just get away with buying the Pioneer frame and using our Wayfarer seat and cot?

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