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Mountain Buggy Nano or Swift?

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Lalalax3 Mon 27-Feb-17 09:28:05

I'm in the process of selling my Bugaboo Bee because my two year old has outgrown it (yes I've extended the back and lengthened the straps, it's still too small).

I'm pregnant and due in Oct so it'd need to suit my toddler and then a baby.

I really like the look of the Mountain Buggy Nano and hear good things about tall children fitting in it. I also like how it converts to a newborn pram. But I also like the chunky robustness of the Swift too, and can't work out if it's worth spending a bit more on that model.

Which IYO would be best for tall tot/little baby?

TheSeasonOfTheWitch Thu 16-Mar-17 20:32:23

I love our nano! We got when DS was 11 months and it's great. Fab for a baby too I imagine, esp if lots of commuting etc. We live very rurally now and it's good (not on muddy walks though!), but we are often in London and it's a dream on buses and through narrow doorways. We have the sleeping bag for it, but I have never used the carry cot. It's amazing you can strap a car seat on easily though. Perfect for the school run if you drive as the seat can just come out of the car onto the nano.
We have 3 tall children. Our 5.5 year old fits in the nano.

Apparently baby jogger have bought out a new tiny fold up that might be worth looking at too?

user1479939331 Fri 17-Mar-17 14:24:50

Hi, have you got a certain budget in mind? I got my icandy peach for this reason as the hood can extend, DH is tall so we thought it best to play it safe! x

Lalalax3 Fri 17-Mar-17 15:14:57

I went for the Nano. Don't regret it, it's fab.

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