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Please help me make up my mind re puschair

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misforme Sun 26-Feb-17 16:11:01

I wonder if anyone can help me make a decision on what pushchair to get for my 4 month old. I have got a Gravo Evo and whilst I value the maneuverability and light weight I am massively disappointed with the wheels. They are so plastic and It is such a bumpy ride! So we are now looking for a buggy with better wheels and the priority is the comfort and smoothness for long walks (mainly on pavements but the Graco doesnt even manage that!) Don't want to break the bank as eventually we think we will be moving to a maclaren or baby jogger. Right now still looking for a rear facing buggy.
So far I have shortlisted:
-Maxo Cosi Loola
-Maxi Cosi Ellea
-Armadillo Flip
-Phil and Teds Smart Lux
Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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