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Compact fold, one handed push buggy?

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Trinpy Sat 25-Feb-17 19:45:40

I want a light(ish)weight buggy for my 11 month old which folds down small enough to keep by the front door (doesn't have to be an umbrella fold but does have to fold in one piece, iyswim). It does have to be one I can push with one hand too.

I already have a Lascal mini buggy board which I use most days for my 3 year old and when he stands on it I want his head to be in front of the buggy's handlebar.

My budget is £200.

Does something like this exist? I feel like I've looked at a million different pushchairs now.

Bananamanfan Sat 25-Feb-17 19:47:28

Graco evo mini?

Birdofathousandvoices Sat 25-Feb-17 19:58:00

Mothercare amble?

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 25-Feb-17 19:59:55

Babyjogger city mini- the one handed fold is your friend.

LittleMissCantbebothered Sat 25-Feb-17 20:01:04

Check out the armadillo city.

katiegoestoaldi Sat 25-Feb-17 20:01:05

I second the baby jogger cities mini or micro

ShelaghTurner Sat 25-Feb-17 20:01:29

Babyjogger thirded

Glitterkitten24 Sat 25-Feb-17 20:05:16

Babyjogger fourthed!

Finola1step Sat 25-Feb-17 20:06:45

Yep, babyjogger

AppleMagic Sat 25-Feb-17 20:12:30

I have a baby jogger and the three year olds head will be between you and the handlebar. In my option it's pretty uncomfortable.

I also have an old bugaboo bee which I bought secondhand for €100. That works much better with the lascal maxi. Toddler stands inside the handlebar and I can walk as normal.

AppleMagic Sat 25-Feb-17 20:15:39

Also this suggests you won't be able to fold baby jogger properly with connector on.

Trinpy Sat 25-Feb-17 21:30:59

Thanks everyone.

So baby jogger is out. Graco Evo and armadillo city are both out because ds1 would have to stand behind the handlebar.

I can't find Mothercare Amble?

Just going to check out prices of 2nd hand Bees on eBay and gumtree now.

Trinpy Sat 25-Feb-17 21:35:07

Just found the Amble. I really like it but the handlebar looks very close to the back of the seat.

Birdofathousandvoices Sat 25-Feb-17 21:48:07

Oh yeah, sorry I missed that part. Strange tho, when I tried it out today i would have sworn the handle didn't feel that close to the hood. I really liked it. Maybe worth a look in person?

Trinpy Sat 25-Feb-17 22:04:54

Good idea. I'll take trip to mothercare tomorrow and see if they have one in the store smile.

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