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If I like the Bugaboo Bee 5....

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Lemondrop09 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:13:42

......what other buggies might I like?

I really like the Nuna pushchairs but having viewed one today, I realised it's going to be too wide. It barely squeezed into our car boot. We live in a narrow terrace where the hallway is only about 67cm wide, so looking for something narrow. Also likely to use London buses frequently. So decided I need to focus on lightweight and narrow.

I didn't particularly want a Bugaboo (expensive and seem to be a statement which I'm not bothered about making). Willing to pay out of a pushchair worth the money and that I'm happy with, couldn't care less about brands.

However the Bugaboo Bee ticks a lot of boxes. Anything else with similar dimensions I should consider?

GreyTS Wed 22-Feb-17 22:17:10

The babyzen yoyo has v similar styling and is incredibly light and easy to get through small spaces. Was in Paris and Rome recently and the streets are full of them

BananaPie Wed 22-Feb-17 22:19:02

Yoyo? But I think the bee is super popular in London because it ticks a lot of boxes, not because it's a status symbol!

BananaPie Wed 22-Feb-17 22:20:20

Cross post! Downside of the yoyo is that the handle doesn't adjust and it doesn't rearface.

Lemondrop09 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:32:08

Thanks both

Ah, yes, I meant to mention that I would like the option to rear face (another box the Bee ticks). I'm very impressed with how the Yoyo folds down, but not rear facing is an issue.

And yes, good point. Bugaboos may just be popular because they are good! I like that I could possibly pick up so newborn extras (cocoon or bassinet) quite cheap second hand as they only get used for a few months.

Lemondrop09 Wed 22-Feb-17 23:11:36

Just thinking out loud. Big bonus that the Bee can also be folded in both forward and ear facing position.

Minor niggles - it seems to be missing a peekaboo window in the canopy? I was also surprised to see it doesn't look to have have any calf support for toddlers whose feet don't reach the foot rest yet. Either of these actually caused anyone a problem?

NutellaCookie Wed 22-Feb-17 23:26:37

Would you consider buying the pushchair second hand? We picked up a Bee plus in beautiful condition for £200 on eBay. It came with loads of extras, including car seat adaptors, seat liner, foot muff. The only items I have had to buy are the newborn cocoon and buggy board for DC1 to ride on.

I'm really impressed with it. Its light, easy to steer and leaves enough room in the boot for the dog!

I had a bugaboo chameleon with DC1 but found it far too big and cumbersome. Plus it took the whole boot.

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