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Nuna pushchairs

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Lemondrop09 Wed 22-Feb-17 11:33:10

Any thoughts on Nuna pushchairs? We'll be using from newborn.

We like the Tavo a lot, especially who it collapses down, but it doesn't have the option to parent face which is a draw back

The Ivvi looks good, but very expensive compared to the Tavo. It does parent face, but can't be folded with the seat attached in this direction, and it's heavier and bulkier than the Tavo when folded.

The Mixx looks similar to the Ivvi.

We don't want the Pepp. It's great for what it is (lightweight, lower budget folding buggy) but we'd like something a bit more substantial.

The Tavo is down to £399, plus 10% off tonight. Great price for pushchair and car seat but can't get past the front facing only.

There's a second hand Ivvi which is £200 for pushchair and carrycot attachment (worth £800). Would need to buy car seat. Is the carrycot attachment likely to get used? Also not completely sure I want to buy second hand.

I'm also quiet early in pregnancy so hadn't planned to buy anything yet - but both the Tavo offer and the second hand Ivvi are only available now and don't want to regret missing out.

Any thoughts?

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