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City Jogger Lite partially collapsing with baby in

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muminmanchester Fri 17-Feb-17 16:21:03

This is my second City Jogger Lite. Sent the first back because it kept partially collapsing when I was pushing it - by which I mean that the hinge on one side of the pram would click out and want to collapse. It's only the other hinge keeping the pram up. Was both hinges affected.

Got a replacement a month ago and it's started to do the same thing.

Going to return it and get something else as it's just not good enough but wondering if anyone else had that problem?

Also any recommendations on other pushchairs to go for instead.

FunkinEll Sat 18-Feb-17 11:59:57

I had that happen a couple of times. I generally love baby jogger pushchairs but hated the city lite. It let flimsy and cheap in comparison.

I ended up with a city mini 4 instead but had the city tour already been released I would have probably gone with that instead.

FunkinEll Sat 18-Feb-17 12:00:54

Also, the back rest of the city lite started to bow terribly. I didn't find their customer service particularly helpful either which is a consideration.

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